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  1. And then I found this is from "Turkish SAS", what an "SAS"......
  2. I have a question: My friend and I searched all the videos of Mig29K( the current one, not the old 1980s one)'s take off, but we never saw the carrier (no matter Kuznetsov or INS Vikramaditya) rasied its jet blast deflector, why?
  3. 炮霸,虽然其实他不是该厂的,但是在这个实验场拍了些照片,不过禁止外传(类似的还有些实验装备)。所以实际上我能发的也只有网上已经公开的照片(大多来源于杜老,我想你也了解)。
  4. I asked my friend about the chassis which looks like T-72/WZ123, the plant's source says it is a WZ123's prototype, and it has been restored for other test purpose in the recent time. Also by plant source, the T-72 in the background is a T-72M (not T-72M1), and he send me a close photo of it (and some photo of other tanks here), but I'm sorry, I am forbidden to share these photos.
  5. No, I don't have any more photos of BK1871. According to WZ123's deputy chief designer's memoir: BK1871 is a test bed for western engine pack, specificlly British CV12 engine + German LSG3000 transmission. It's also a early stage/prototype of 90-II. That's all the info I know about BK1871. It looks like a T72 chassis + western engine pack to me, but it's just a guess.
  6. 2 more new photos from plant's testing ground: this "T-72" is interesting, it looks like some kind of T-72's hull + Type80's roadwheels. Levi, do you have any idea what it might be if it is still a Russian made tank? By the way, Type85-III's 1000hp engine pack from Yugoslavia: WZ122-4's engine pack's running test in March 1979 before it been installed to the tank ( MTU8V331TC41 engine + Chinese hydraulic transmission ): WZ122-6 &WZ122-6F2 's Chinese automatic transmission: WZ122-6's 8V165 engine:
  7. And for your other questions before: WZ1224 uses [ imported MTU 8V331TC41 engine ( yes, the civil engine, according to MTU it's a 748hp engine) + Chinese hydraulic transmission ( learned from M46 captured in Korean war and M48 captured in Vietnam war) ] power pack ( the first Chinese power pack), WZ1226 uses 8V165 engine ( 960hp, the Chinese tank engine version of MTU8V331 which failed as I said before) of Changchun plant, WZ1226F2 uses 12V150 engine ( some said it is 12150L, which means V-2-54's copy, maybe with some improvements. If 12150L is ture, then this is obviously a very rel
  8. 3, Type 80/88/96 uses 120V150ZLC engine, 730HP, I have showed its detail info before; Type 96A (the 2014 Russian tank game ) uses 12V150ZLD, 800hp, it's a improved 120V150ZLC; Type 96A1 (the 2015 Russian tank game ) uses a improved 12V150ZLD, still 800hp, no other info; Type 96B (the 2016 Russian tank game ) uses a complete new 8V150 engine based on 99A's 1500hp 12V150 engine (only know their name are "new 150HB series", and installed on new SPG/ZTD-05 ,etc, no other info), 1000hp. 3a, I thought it before, but unlikely, because it uses a 1-piece cast turret, yet WZ123'
  9. It's a export only stuff based on AK176 ( simplify AK176 to lose some weight and voloum so it can be installed on a truck), as far as I know, PLA army has no interest in it at all, so of course no military designation. According to the intervies to its designer, this project started in 2012, it uses AHEAD and laser guided round, no any kind of AP round, that's all I know about it. BTW, PLA Navy is interest in a quadruple AK176 as a super CIWS, I mean this is not a joke, they are serious on it.
  10. 1, like I said before, though we did try to make a tank engine based on MTU in 1978, but it failed. So maybe Type99 tank's engine still has some German tech, but that's not the major part. 2, in 1990s, a lot of Chinese military fans worship German tech (even still today), so they hope our engine is also made by German tech, that's why the "99 engine is copyed from MTU" rumor keeps spreading. 3, 120V150ZLC engine (type 80/88/96, 730hp, also called as "730" by our old tank enginers and designers) is basicly a turbocharged V-2-54, here are 2 early photos of it: prototype engine un
  11. It's a rumor, but comes with good reason, because we do imported 10 sets of MTU 8V331TC41 engine ( Leopard 2's MTU873's civil use version) in 1978, what we wanted is to make a tank engine version of it, for our future tank (at that time's future tank). The question is, the 960hp 8V165 ( V-8, cylinder diameter=165mm, which means 120hp per cylinder) prototype engine based on MTU failed in test again and again, the reason is simply: we don't have that level of technology in early 1980s, and Germans refuse to give us any help when we asked, so this engine had no way to go but died. After
  12. Not much, I know sth about what we have in that era ( specific armour and weapon performance, but it is still classified info, so I can't told you the detail, what I can share is in 1989, the lowest Chinese composite armour is a copy of early T72's UFP armour, 200mm at 22 degree, which resist 320mm VS AP and 425mm VS HEAT; the best one is also 200mm/22 degree, which can resist 400mm+ VS AP and 600mm+ VS HEAT. So we may assume that's what the first prototype has ), but not WZ123's original design's detail info. All I have about it, is another photo of its early model, this is declassified
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