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  1. T29 is also best heavy tank. It is truly hilarious how few fucks it gives about KwK 43s. Making it the first tank I've got my mits on that actually laughs the damn things off.
  2. Oh God! That's more HE filler than M82 shot for the US 90mm. I think Italian Tanks and I will get a long nicely. Speaking of M82 shot, I had some interesting experiences today. One, if you fire M82 and it an RU-251 on the muzzle break, the resulting matter-antimatter reaction will destroy the RU-251 The same applies to IS-6s and that bit of sheet metal on the top of the turret, just above the gun. Also the engine deck of T-44-100s., the angled bit of the Tiger IIs turret, and other interesting surfaces. I'm learning my way around the M26E1 and M46, granted it took getting my ass kicked a bunch of times to figure it out. Now if they'd only give the 90mm HVAP 373mm of pen when fired out of the T15...
  3. So this was easily my best match ever on Ash river. I finally got all the way into that spot in the south at the top of the hill and I got shots on every tank that went for A. It was me and a Pz IIIJ holding the A point for the entire map. I was also able to lock down B Point as well. The Achilles is currently my favorite TD. It's an improvement upon the already stellar M10. The loss of HE filler is more than made up for by the fact that you can shoot through any armor plate you encounter at the 4.0-5.0 Battle rating.
  4. The final tally was 3 kills with the Crusader III, 13 with the Cromwell V, and just one with the Valentine Mk XI. I tried playing the British at 3.7 and didn't really care for it. They can bring a really nice 3.0 line up. The Crusader III's QF6 is spectacularly nasty at BR 2.7 and it's on a nice low platform. After learning the locations of ammo racks on tanks at tier, the Cromwell's solid shot is pretty great.
  5. Adventures in 5.7 with the Soviets. The tier is still cancer. I get Japan 2/3rds of the time I play. With that said the IS-2 delivers loads of fun when it comes to annihilating pretty much all that exists with the D-25T.
  6. I have taken the KV-2 out for a spin, and good lord is it fun. 152mm of Tiger erasing fun to be exact.
  7. I'll refrain from sharing too many of my after action reports, but this was a great one. Easily one of the most intense matches I've played. I spent the entire time at the northern flag on Abandoned Factory. At a few points it was down to me and a T-50 holding down the flag. 14 kills without ever getting knocked out. I daresay I'm getting the hang of this.
  8. At some point we need to do a 3-4 man T-35 platoon. We can secure enough pelts to cover a small nation in the finest furs.
  9. Absolute insanity. The level of hurt we put out was hilarious.
  10. Ugh, if they wanted to piss away $120 Million on some stupid Bay Area shit, they should have just thrown it my way.
  11. That's what I've been playing. I just unlocked the M24. I've got the M4A3 105, M4A1, and plain old M4. Apart from fighting KV-1s, I'm absolutely in love with that line up.
  12. I took the plunge. M4A1 Sherman Master Race! I found myself in a fortunate situation where there were no KV-1s or T-34s to be concerned about. I kinda cut swath through Pz IIIs and IVs plus a plethora of thin skinned TDs with my .50 cal. Good times.
  13. Apparently Nazi-Mass Effect Fanfic is a thing that extends past that one story T___A and I found. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11571929/1/Mass-Effect-Lebensraum I found this while looking for the other one. TV Tropes page for the other one: http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Fanfic/Uplifted https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12574777/1/Uplifted Nevermind. It was not purged from the internet as I had hoped. Damn.
  14. B-17F "Hell's Angels" of 303rd Bombardment Group (Heavy), 358th Bomb Squadron. Hell's Angels was the first 8th AAF B-17 to complete 25 missions. The aircraft later went on to fly a staggering 48 missions, again being the first 8th AAF B-17 to do so. Interesting to note, during the filming of William Wyler's 'Memphis Belle', a second filming team was assigned to "Hell's Angels" in the event "Memphis Belle" was shot down.
  15. They were fun as fuck, for the most part. This is easily my favorite competitive game out on the market.
  16. I'll answer this as professionally as possible. Biggest thing I should address, is this "interview" allegedly covers the time I started through when I left and a little afterwards. Literally nothing he describes ever happened. Nor are they exaggerations of actual events. Nor does he remotely capture the atmosphere around the office, or the character of employees. It's just pure fiction. Mind you, WGA is a pretty small office. He talks about production meetings and the like? I'd know who he is in an instant. I can freely say I never met this person, and that he's never been near WGA's offices. The "interview" is really aimed at "confirming" long standing conspiracies about WG that have no basis in reality. Rigged MM (it's not), Rigged RNG (it's not), Special WG tools to spite players (again, no), general hatred of players (No, absolutely not), fake CS department (ridiculous and hilarious). Everything about it says disgruntled player, not disgruntled employee. EDIT: I feel like concluding this with a personal touch, actually. I spent two years and change at WGA and loved most of it. The company gave me opportunities and encouragement that I had never thought possible. I had the opportunity to work with some really fantastic people. I wouldn't say the organization is perfect (no organization is after all), but I wouldn't trade my time there for anything.
  17. So from what I'm gathering he's claiming he's former WGA? He's not. His description of Customer Service being only five people proves he never set foot in the building. And that's only one of about a hundred things he gets wrong. This is like, hilarious levels of inaccurate.
  18. CA ANG F-106 launching a Genie at Berkeley (I wish).
  19. F-16 from the Hellenic Air Force over the Corinthian Canal.
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