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  1. USS Minneapolis (CA-36) painted to resemble a DD-421 class vessel. Note large fake windows, false raised quarterdeck, and false raft attached to the side. Also worth noting: The New Orleans-class is easily one of the nicest looking heavy cruisers in history.
  2. The 466th TFS was flying F-105s out of Hill AFB until February of 1984. So, yep, they would have been operating next to each other. Now, if I could only find a picture of such a glorious sight. Related, 1980s Thud Porn: http://www.aeroimage.com/milair/fighter/earlyfight/f105thud/F105ThudPort.htm
  3. I think I've set the loss streak of all time for Ranked battles lol
  4. Hats off to the fine people at Hawker. Once again providing a wonderfully capable (if not rather odd looking) military aircraft for the RAF.
  5. The nose section for the Boeing 2707 is on display at the Hiller Aviation Museum in San Carlos.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AS3qrFhhOKo This being the ultimate weapons promotional video.
  7. I binge watched through the first Season of Fargo in between WoT Matches this weekend. I highly recommend it. It has a rather perfect ratio of seriousness to dark and absurd humor.
  8. USS Wisconsin moored alongside the hulk of USS Oklahoma following the latter vessel's salvage.
  9. This picture pretty much captures all of my Hippie related hate. I drive past it every day. Edit: The other thing that drives me up a wall, is the fact that it makes it ambiguous as to where they get their power from, is it then coal? Gas? Shit that's worse than nuclear power?
  10. Sorry to change the subject, I just noticed a disturbing lack of OH-58D. It's not the fastest, it's not the best armed, but I'll be damned if it doesn't just look fun.
  11. I think in this case it's Navy SEALS led by a racist washed up Admiral. I read the book in High School, but I remember it being truly awful. I'm beginning to think that if the main character of a novel is a Navy SEAL it just has to be bad.
  12. Also on the subject of hilariously awful Military fiction. Pretty much anything by Patrick Robinson comes right to mind. Scimitar SL-2 takes the cake though. Former SAS man turned terrorist plans to blow up the Canary Islands with a nuclear cruise missile. The best part of Patrick Robinson books are the negative reviews. http://www.amazon.com/Scimitar-SL-2-Patrick-Robinson/product-reviews/0060086653/ref=cm_cr_dp_qt_hist_one?ie=UTF8&filterBy=addOneStar&showViewpoints=0
  13. 301st Fighter Squadron Briefing in 1944. First from the right in the back row, wearing the garrison cap with Captain's insignia is my uncle Walter Downs.
  14. I feel obligated to point out I really love pre WWI Naval vessels.
  15. See, I read that damn Ringo thread, and can't unsee it. The less said the better I suppose.
  16. I shall certainly try. I just haven't been around my computer all that much recently.
  17. On the subject of the mind numbing awfulness that is John Ringo, I feel I should mention the mind numbing awfulness that is Tom motherfucking Krantman. A man who wrote a book that involves Germany rejuvenating SS veterans and reforming the Waffen-SS because apparently only the elite soldiers of the Waffen-SS are bad enough dudes to fight space aliens. Also, apparently, the Waffen-SS according to Krantman, were a bunch of misunderstood patriots who didn't actually commit any war crimes. He also wrote a story about a sentient tank that had orgasms when it dreamed about killing T-34s. He's the ultimate Wehraboo. http://www.amazon.com/Watch-Rhine-Wacht-Posleen-Series/dp/1416521208
  18. There was in incident way back where the Turks violated Greek Airspace and shot down an unarmed F-16 killing a student pilot and his instructor. After the incident the Hellenic Air Force mandated that aircraft capable of carrying weapons would be armed in some capacity at all times. The Turkish Air Force has a nasty habit of doing shit like this.
  19. There could be an entire subset of this called, 'Insane shit people did with radium'. Got Face Cancer? Rub some radium on it.
  20. Credit to Russia for designing the most beautiful aircraft ever.
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