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  1. There is also an Asp brand known as red gun. Red parts are used in testing to keep firearms testers from blowing themselves up on an incomplete gun. The red parts often represent parts that are not yet tested, or are removed for testing, or are examples of non-shipping product.
  2. Red parts in American parlance represent either blank or non-firing parts on a gun, depending on what standard you follow. A bright red part is included to indicate a part that does not function as a firing model.
  3. I am going to leave behind the uncited replies, but i will for edification discuss vetting political speech. This is the same standards that a writer will use when presenting a data packet to a person who has to develop action plans. "Our country is ruled by the regime which stands against both the interests of Russia as a whole, and practically every its citizen. Except only for the top people in the security services and the corrupted bureaucracy, that use the state machine in their private interests. This regime makes the steady go to destroy all the institutes of the democratic societ
  4. First, remember it is far more difficult for me to argue from my side because I have to cite and use facts, and you can just say you do not believe them and do not have to back up your theories with replies. For example, my facts on what journalism sources to use. 1. You saying Vice is inaccurate does not make them inaccurate. They put people onto the ground, they get close to the action, and they act uncomfortable questions, and they lack major affiliation. I did not use them merely because they have data not supported by secondary sources available by me. If more data comes to me, da
  5. NATO General German News Agency of high repute International News Agency of high repute Financial Times - moderate repute but lots of feet on the ground. Russian politician making extensively cited argument. Russian citizens both sources through competent news agencies I hit the research gold standard with that one. Note, I could have included VICE - good news agency and very accurate, just a bit wild FOX - Not a good source. They tend to make stuff up from the porch rather than sending people into the field. Russian TV/Newspapers. All government controlled or cowed.
  6. Actually I provided serious information. Not seeing a lot coming back though. Russia could solve this argument for us. They have refused entry into most areas to the Organization for Security and Co-operation, they could simply open the doors and let the group in. The fact that they won't allow free access to the country side by this group is pretty much a smoking gun of my own assertion.
  7. I think that it would be easier, since I already posted sources to support my contention, that people with other opinions show issues with morale such as desertion, problems in Pskov, and the like are caused by some other issue. And you simply cannot say the Russian army is crap because it is conscript. The Brazilian Army is conscript and does not have these problems. You have a national effort to put thousand upon thousands of soldiers into a foreign country and claiming that problems in the very units supporting the invasion of the Ukraine are not in fact suffering from it.
  8. The source is not questionable. Remember I have read all of the citations you have made to refute that source and found no reason not to agree with it. The Siberian soldier is not being counted by me because it lacks secondary and tertiary support from alternate sources, and my other data sources not part of the discussion do not have anything about this in them. I need more information to make this work.
  9. AND - usually when photos appear of dubious value they can be tracked down. No one refutes the media watching sites that present these pictures. They just claim they are inaccurate.
  10. Refutation of your statement. My own sources show 36,000 soldiers in support of operations (pulling triggers or handing the trigger pullers ammo). Sources for the conflict say there are between 6,000 and 12,000 trigger pullers. 3 to 1 is 12,000x3. 4 to 1 is 9,000x4. There is a lot of heavy equipment in the field with Russian crews - we know all about the missile batteries, but the Grad batteries are also widely known. if 12,000 trigger pullers - not a outrageous number considering the number are coming back dead, then 3-1 is actually a small tail. So my math is accurate. My own take
  11. Please provide refutation with citation. 6-12,000 trigger pullers do not, even in the Russian army, scavenge from the land. 3-4 to 1 support troops is normal, unless support organizations spring from nothing in the Ukraine. Air defense and Grad batteries along operated by Russian forces would require a deep effort to move supplies into the region. Desertion seems the start of Vietnam style morale loss for Russian units. Russian parents of soldiers, politicians, prisoners of war, all point to a refutation of this. Alcoholism and hooliganism by soldiers in Pskov. Russian is not
  12. Please excuse me for not linking to the for-pay sites, but there is enough in popular media. http://www.military.com/daily-news/2015/05/01/breedlove-russian-buildup-ukraine-could-signal-rebel-offensive.html - Breedlove testimony before congress. Breedlove, in a setting where he could be jailed (for contempt of congress) clearly stated Russian Forces are fighting in Ukraine. This guy is dramatic, but he is not spouting lies to his own bosses. Anyone who knows how congressional relations with the military work know that getting McCain ticked at you if death to your career and your desires
  13. Yes. 36,000 is precisely it. Remember, if you want to count Frontline and compare with all in then you are making an apples and oranges comparison. 36,000 soldiers put 4-6 thousand infantry in the front. Plus, the rebels are shaky. Support for separatism is low to very low. Loyalty to the leadership in these regions is limited. To keep this thing running takes a considerable effort on the part of Russia. As for no one having photographs of Russian units, this is 100% right. This was true of Crimea also. There just happened to be thousand upon thousands of young, military age men,
  14. There is a theory that the US is actually overstocked for firearms. If hoarders released even a part of the stocks of weapons they are holding waiting for legislation to drive prices us, then the market would crash all but the rare and historical weapons. Much of these stocks are ARs, AKs, and 9mm handguns, which it is hard to see becoming rare enough to double their value. This is not to say firearms are not a good investment. A well selected portfolio will beat inflation and can be rapidly converted. However Colt and a lot of other manufactures are showing that without military con
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