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  1. The root of the problem here is with women voters. They're the largest, most reliable block. You lose the woman vote, you lose period, especially with the angry Yam-Person chasing away every other block. Nobody wants to be associated with this except for bloggers and media types who make their money off of the Ouroboros of Outrage. You're going to see a lot of Republicans distance themselves to try to find some kind of save and possibly a boost from it. Hell, short of Hannity, I even see Fox News seeing it as their chance to cut the Donald chain they've been stuck to. I never bought into the "
  2. The more I see campaign stuff from Battlefield 1, the less convinced I am that they'll mess it up. It seems respectful and bombastic. It's apparently trying to go the CoD 1 route of breaking up the scenery by following different scenarios and actually making unique characters. The dialogue is corny and the trailers look sappy. Fortunately there's no sign of BF4's light-speed stupid dialogue ("Boots on fucking ground, Recker. Boots on fucking ground!"). Also no signs of the plot of BF3, which is probably the dumbest plot I've seen in a game. I honestly want to know what happened to the
  3. Shouldn't have pulled it since we have non-Goons, but it's usually something someone responds to a large angry rant with regardless of anything just as a joke.
  4. Holy shit, Ubi needs a new game engine. It's not even a graphics whore thing so much as it's coming off as aesthetically dull.
  5. No training at all. I sometimes think I have a decent grasp, but I'll always receive some information that shows how little I know. Besides trying to find out on my own to try and sound smart, I worked part time for a lawyer who handled this sort of thing which taught me what was illegal, and I would chew the ear off the cute girl in accounting at one of my chef jobs when we had to go over finances or if I wanted to know how to save money on taxes. Essentially, the Times wasn't wrong, but they have a word limit to adhere to and lack of public knowledge of this kind of thing plus our penchant f
  6. He reported a net operating loss in 1995 of $916 million. Net operating losses are the difference between deductions and collectable income and can be carried forward 18 years, or if you pass certain checks, backwards 2 years. He essentially would have been an idiot if he didn't use it, but it's worth it to note that a lot of it came via a series of horrible business decisions that lost countless amounts of money.
  7. Depends on the state sometimes. Like he said, there are broad interpretations here in Pennsylvania. I've been doing Poll Watching since I want to say 2006, and I've seen a few incidents of participants over-stepping their bounds who usually back down when you tell them to sit or you'll call the police. Around here, it's usually mentlaly unstable middle aged guys harassing young kids and non-whites, or dorky college students unaware of how poll watching is actually supposed to work and aggressively proselytizing. It's taken fairly seriously and the police will usually have them vacate if it eve
  8. They're under investigation by some European consumer rights group right now for both false trailers and promises. Steam is also thrown in because they continue to display false advertising. I mean I'm okay with it, but you know they're only going after it because they're big, but not too big. I hardly expect Ubisoft would end up copping something like this for one of their fake trailers. This always seems to be a thing with space games in particular. Fans get mega-hyped and ask about features and the developers don't want to say no. See Star Citizen for the ultimate example. I think the
  9. Bought Humble Bundle 7, and it had some good stuff in there. I've already put an embarrassing amount of time into Prison Architect.
  10. Yeah, media polls are always bad and mostly serve to work up the base. Poll companies are kind of tearing their hair out these days since they were traditionally land-line calls, so they miss out on large amounts of demographics right now. They have plans to try to beat it, but they hardly have their bases covered. FiveThirtyEight is pretty good, but they have a habit of chickening out of unsure races.
  11. I really don't know. A lot of it is booked on a whime and I guess the idea is "we can slip them in here, so let's do it." In 2008, we called in to get Bill and Obama and other dems to do speaking arrangements, and we got whiplash at how quickly they responded and booked us. We even started calling for equipment and seats and stuff and found out that they booked pretty much everything we needed not long after the phone call. I mean, I guess the quick response most likely had to do with us being the main campus at Penn State, but even then we were taken aback. Looking at campaign schedules
  12. Went to a gun show today. Almost bought a Steyr 1895 for $175. It was pretty beat up, and I assume it had problems for that price. Still kicking myself for not getting it. Though I did get about 30 rounds of ammo for my Argentine including clips for $15. Is it me, or are prices going to drop out on the Garands? It's always funny because any time I pass by a table with a Garand, the dude is usually shit-talking CMP ones as hard as he can to validate that $1,600 H&R he's got.
  13. Yeah, played it to death on every difficulty. I hear Cam Clarke jumping in my sleep sometimes. I unfortunately did miss out on a lot of the "golden age" or whatever shooters that I plan on picking up, including Deus Ex and System Shock 1+2.
  14. DOOM has ruined me. I'm normally a shooter guy, but DOOM was so perfect, that it's hard for me to pick up shooters that aren't as well-designed and fun. Probably explains why I've been playing nothing but RPG and strategy games for months, now. I hope some publishers took notice and we get more of the same. Once I'm finished with the Dragon Age games, I'm probably going to finally suck it up and go through The Witcher.
  15. And it's perfectly fine with me to ask reasonable questions. I admit, I'm genuinely curious about the situation. My issue is that his article doesn't explain enough to me, with an underlying problem of how he has been known to make outlandish, unverifiable claims, and that it could feed into a poisonous based on inaccuracies as a result. I feel that at least gives me the right to be highly skeptical. Properly verified Secret Service (agents or otherwise) accounts are fascinating to read. There seems to be general rules about what you should or shouldn't relay, probably due to how they can
  16. He told two different stories about the possibility of "destroying evidence." One story involved him personally doing it in his book, the other involved a vague story of someone else doing it in his Starr report testimony. By simply looking at them, one of them is a lie. According to his bosses, he never had the clearance to have been "outside the President's office while he was in it." And he wouldn't have just been able to walk right in and see him making out with a reporter without having been checked out first. He then changed his story from him being the one witnessing the event to saying
  17. I think Donald Trump is one of the worst presidential candidates, excluding obvious horrible past people. But I'm not going to immediately jump behind any effort like Pepegate to discredit him. Likewise, I'm a left-leaner who has serious complaints about Clinton's backing and turnarounds on issues. But I ask anyone who genuinely can't come up with a positive thing to say about her as a politician also base it on something besides conjecture and conspiracy theories. Otherwise, we're never going to get anyone better in the future.
  18. Is there any evidence that a series of blatantly unprovable stories that he himself contradicts are true? Because if his stories in his book are true, then he lied to the Starr report.
  19. My point is he has done nothing in my eyes to believe anything he says as he has lied extensively about his clearance and experiences. If it was maybe corroborated by someone more trustworthy, maybe I would consider, but this man has done nohting to earn my trust, but plenty for me to not trust him, especially when his analysis ends as such: "When I protected her, I witnessed her irate behavior and, frankly, I don't think anyone can operate with such uncontrollable fits of anger and not have it take a toll on a person's health- I think that's exactly what has resulted. I can't help but fee
  20. This is the guy, who was a low-level staff member of the Secret Service who former members said he would likely have never been around the First Family, yet somehow "walked in on" the most guarded human on the planet making out with a journalist and daughter of Walter Mondale. But then when he got called out on it by higher-ranking Secret Servicemen, he merely "heard about it." He also claimed to have personally thrown out semen-and-lipstick stained towels, lamenting destroying of "evidence" at the time, which would stand out as a really lame and easy contradiction in an Encyclopedia Brown my
  21. This just in: That guy's not a medical professional either.
  22. He did say after the fact that the grips are obviously a later thing. I don't know. I don't know why it can't be "a really cool old 1911" without having to worry about some phony-sounding story. I see a lot of perfectly reasonable C&R stuff that sits on store shelves years longer than they need to be because the owner is devoted to getting an extra $400 out of a story.
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