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  1. Weren't there unconfirmed reports that Humvees with more guns were statistically safer to be in that ones with better armor?
  2. Yeah. Always thought that was pretty dumb. The only reason I could ever see doing that is that right after Devers asked for more more armor, they did the T95 name switch. I don't think they were ever tied to each other.
  3. Heads up, I will be a happy fool during a debate until someone says the word "objectively" like it's some kind of trump card. I've known Ross for about 3 years now, and I've argued this same thing over and over again with him. A lot of those things about how the tanks look better are his opinion. That's fine. The tank turning thing can be negated with manual control or by investing in driver skills. Him saying WT player base is more cowardly is hypocritical after the hours I've spent playing WoT with him and listening to him literally scream the entire time about how cowardly WoT players a
  4. I love Ross, but he is so obviously full of shit with this type of stuff. Play with him, and he will literally scream non-stop that WoT players are not being aggressive enough, and that they're hiding too much. He also wrote that after playing something like five matches in the first go of beta. I prefer War Thunder because it's just less of a slog. The grind is much less of a pain. I don't start from scratch with a tank that requires 20 wins to get the tracks, 20 wins to get the turret, 30 wins for the next gun, and 40 wins for the top gun, then another hundred for the next tank. They hav
  5. Yeah, regulars here from the WoT forums suggested I come here for a nice haven. I've been reading FW for a while but never even thought to look at the forums. I'm usually lost in the technical and mechanical discussions, but I try to read up on what people say to get a basic understanding of machinery. I'm more interested in the political side of defense, and not in the "political debate" sense. I'm powering through some of David E. Griffith's books right now if that gives you an idea. This stuff with Germany's forces right now is especially interesting because it could be reaching into ot
  6. This is stupidly interesting to me. I love the political ends of this sort of thing. Do you have any books or materials you can recommend about this subject?
  7. Guys the G11 is gonna come back, I swear. But seriously. This is a pretty big thing. I can't imagine a recall and upgrade being worth the effort, or even possible at all. That may result in Germany dropping the gun, and buying a new one. If H&K's burned enough bridges with the government as much as they've done with private consumers by now, they may not even hope for increased 416 sales. But then completely re-arming isn't exactly easy, either, and they can't exactly sell them off to legitimate or desirable people. So, it's going to be expensive, and they're going to either do it chea
  8. Was this purely with American guns, or does it include British? It's impressive either way, but even moreso if the former.
  9. Reminds me of that experiment they had where they mounted the 75mm Ares on a Sheridan.
  10. FACT: All Shermans look beautiful in the glow of the late-afternoon sunlight. Also, I never wanted to really complain, but I always thought this guy should have been marked as an M4A1E8, but I'd feel like such a nerd for even suggesting it
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