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  1. I got to fire a Springfield XD recently and I'm wondering why they have the gall to charge money for those.
  2. Yeah, my hands ensured that I had to drop guitar, pick up bass, look forever for a comfortable handgun, and mourn the loss of the Xbox Duke controller.
  3. It's more of a thematic issue than a technical one in my warped brain. In general I have issues with Dark Souls 2 and 3 over 1. The biggest is that DS1 appealed to me because it really gave a feeling for Medieval combat like no other game. Weapons and characters had real weight and force. It felt like I was dueling with the humanoids, and amplified the feeling of really just being a Guy versus a Monster when I fought bosses. This fueled the satisfaction of overcoming obstacles for me, because I was just a guy, and I was getting better while still feeling like I was just a guy. The level design
  4. My mom's knees are toast after 40 years of being a hairdresser then a hotel banquet manager. She's taken advantage of free room policies at the hotel on nights where she just couldn't take walking out to her car and driving home.
  5. I can agree with a lot of this. TW originally made a good choice with the diet grand strategy in that it lets you play the massive battles without forcing you into structured campaign missions. The problem is that the grand strategy is a diversion at best and a boring, frustraing slog at worst. Warhammer is incredibly refreshing to me because at most I can spend maybe five minutes clicking around on the map before I decide to have a battle. Attila was atrocious in that you were required to micro-manage a bunch of little features (turns could take up to an hour in late game Attila), and the AI
  6. Yeah, I mean it's such an unknown capacity. No side would be dumb enough to pursue the other on it, because it's not like there's not serious dirt on either of the parties. The only serious inquiries I've seen have been over things like the Azerbaijan deal, which didn't affect too many well-known individuals. IF if if anything were to be made of it and I 99% doubt it ever would, it'd at most be political maneuvering to bog down his campaign, and I don't think there'd be any opposition by the Republicans at this point. Any real effect it would have would be him making a lot of enemies, and whil
  7. Yeah, agreed. No extra commentary. A problem, a specific reason why it occurs, and links to relevant information and fixes.
  8. 1) Because you and I have no stake in it, if at least relatively. A comment about him admiring Putin, touting Putin's 80% approval rating, or seen schmoozing with the man has little bearing on us, but it will get a lot more attention in places where it matters (either in country or in political systems), for whatever it's worth. Kind of like how nobody in the West really cared about Bush's "crusade" remark, but it was supposedly frequently featured in Al Qaeda recruiting outlets. 2) I didn't mean to sound like he'd be put up for charges, but his staff would most likely see visits and inqui
  9. If you ever wonder why politicians tend to give milquetoast non-answers on things like this, building and re-building foreign and domestic policy is an almighty fucker of a task. It's very underappreciated, but international politics is one of the most difficult functions of the government. You need the right military, the right military moves, you need to bolster one ally while not pissing off anyone around them. You need to find the best and brightest human beings alive with almost supernatural diplomatic and political skills, with knowledge of every inch of the land they're involved in, and
  10. So I've been practicing editing and such lately to try to get a Youtube thing off the ground. One project I'm working on is putting together a review of the Total War series, and so far I guess I'll put a condensed version here for kicks: Rome 1: This one tends to age poorly and well at the same time for me. The battles have aged surprisingly-well, and even outdo modern TW battles in some ways. My favorite feature in particular is how when a unit that's beating another unit will keep advancing, they slowly push the frontline backwards and envelope the enemy. It both looks really cool and c
  11. They'd do it to anyone really. One of the biggest out of many, many reasons that nobody points out to dumbass baby boomers why Trump's wall is a stupid idea is that we already built a border fence during the Bush administration. Despite it not working like at all, the ding-dongs who supported it didn't realize we had to build it on American soil, so anyone who didn't sell land to have it built got eminent domained.
  12. I do think the presidential election fervor's gonna hit an apex one of these cycles. I think in two years, when the news media wants to get the election cycle up and running again, people are going to wonder why they got so worked the h*ck up last time. Not to mention the Republicans are going to keep as much of a lid on their weirdos as they can to cut down on the circus and just get the guy they want in as smoothly as possible.
  13. Yeah, but that was also a glitch that was patched out. I'm just saying there's literally no point in locking out such an important piece of kit. Well that was very unimpressive. While I still enjoy CoD 4's campaign, that game pissed me off because it caused the death of immersion in shooters with its "hit marker +100 points +25 bonus pointsyou ranked up master seargeant shooter person bloody screen you unlocked this gun and this scope" etc. route to HUDs that even infect single-player shooters these days.
  14. Was born in Wharton, and moved to Pennsylvania when I was 10. Looking at pictures now, they've cleaned up the town a bit. It was always a little run-down looking but it got bad shortly after we left.
  15. Anyone with a brain saw that coming. Economists like Krugman were warning of it for years, but it got dismissed as "liberal media bias" or whatever. Even the average dipshit could watch HGTV and wonder why throwing a single piece of track lighting in a kitchen added $25,000 to a house price. When I go to back to my hometown in Jersey, every year more houses look like crap; they need paint, the yard is uncut and full of weeds, the windows are dirty, etc. It's fairly obvious the entire town is renting because anything within an hour of NYC costs ten million dollars because realtors said it was w
  16. Trump's campaign is an absolute mess right now. The guy he tapped to be his campaign CEO is a former Breitbart contributor whose ex-wife once filed domestic abuse charges and accused him of anti-semitic ramblings. Then he picked up David Bossie of Citizens United to be deputy campaign manager. I called this months ago. Once he got into the main election, you'd see him do anything he could to tank it while still collecting his speaking money. The more I hear about the way Trump runs things like his businesses and campaigns, the more it reminds me of stories that older chefs told me
  17. Every time someone: -Complains about trigger discipline in every photo or video -Calls people "kid" to sound like they're laying down some old wisdom on you -"Man card." -Spazzes out when he sees someone not wielding dual Kimber 1911s as CC -Curses everyone out... with lots of random... ellipses in his sentence... because he's trying to express being dumbfounded at how stupid people who disagree with him can be -"Lol about bitching that the gun is 'heavy.' Kid, maybe you should man up and not puss out over a gun being 'heavy.'" It's that guy.
  18. Yes to both I guess? They did some things I like with the game: -Guns are no longer pinpoint accurate to the sights. They were in BF4 and it was a mess. People could nail you full-auto from hundred meters away with an SMG and it created mass dead zones in the giant maps. It also created a gameplay meta really similar to Call of Duty, but more on that later. Now, semi-autos and SMGs disperse from center the more/faster you fire while LMGs get more accurate the longer you hold down the trigger. It results in being able to use more of the map than before because of more misses. -Every
  19. Yeah, I'm gonna sit in the thinking chair about that one. Decision might be easier if it was that proper Russian red.
  20. The top 5 only guns that can make you a man: -Glock -French Gun -Another French Gun -'nother Glock -Small caliber, low capacity carry pistol
  21. It's early to say if the movement that put Donald and a few Teabaggers forward is a net pro or con positive. In the numerical sense for a presidential election, it's almost all good. When it comes to a media movement, it could be a short-term bad long-term good "Fox News" situation. When it comes to things like the Freedom Caucus and less aisle-crossing in Congress, it could be definitely bad for them. There are a lot of consequences of such a condensed political opposition depending on media, political, and voting presence.
  22. You guys know Krieg from Borderlands 2? I like to imagine these people are like that, with a sane voice in their head going "Just tell them that you love the 1911 because it looks cool and has an interesting history, and there's just something you enjoy about it despite its faults, and for God's sake, don't yell the word 'poop' at the top of your lungs."
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