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  1. His reviews really aren't like that. I've been going through his stuff since Loser started posting it, and it's actually interesting to listen to a shooter fan who doesn't just humbug every new game. edit: Watching more of his videos, and one thing annoys me in that he's one of those guys that loves shadowboxing over poltical correctness. Most notably he goes out of his way to justify Duke Nukem Forever because something feminism something political correctness.
  2. Neat video. When EC actually gets someone who knows what they're talking about instead of smugging out on people after reading a wiki, it's genuinely interesting.
  3. I've done this bit a few times, but I would argue that Doom 3 is more like Doom 1 than any game out there. One thing people forget is that the original Doom game didn't have mouselook, and you could only use tank controls. We also didn't know where all of the secrets and health/ammo pickups were, so lots of people who actually remember their earliest playthroughs agree that it played more like a survival horror game, what with its aesthetic and resource management. While Ultra-Violence is considered the default difficulty these days, the game was damned near impossible above hurt me plenty for
  4. True, though to be fair the best part about DoW 2 was that it was a complete departure from DoW 1.
  5. Trump running as a third party is the biggest question I have to see answered before I make any predictions about November.
  6. I hope Doom 4 ends up good. I just want a good single-player shooter, and from what I've seen I can get into the SP and snapmap. I'm wondering how Bethesda is responding to everyone basically saying the multiplayer is a huge pile.
  7. The media doesn't support Trump on an ideological level, but they've been the biggest help to him. Think of it like the Kardashians. How many shows about no-name families or rich people have there been? Now, how many people screech every day about the Kardashians having a show is contributing to the downfall of society? How many people who don't even watch this lame cable show about another pointless rich family have a very strong opinion and share and like every news story or social media report (positive or negative). Overall, everyone has a negative view of this family, yet they only ge
  8. As far as economics go, it was lack of exports, problems in diversification of products/materials/manufacturing, and the myriad of cultural and political problems inherent to each little area down to the provincial level. I finally finished Central and Eastern Europe: The Opening Curtain? by William Griffith recently. Despite it being the driest soul-sucking book I've read in a while, the book goes into excrutiating detail on the last economic/political years of communism in Europe.
  9. I'm not an expert by any means, but even I can't see much similarity. And I thought Alex said a good piece on what guns it shares features with.
  10. Things that stood out to me: -Christ, those kids at the beginning were young, yet I could imagine being idealistic enough to be roped into a cause like they were at their age. -No organization whatsoever, and I'm not just talking militarily. They couldn't find rockets, mags, their shitty makeshift rifle grenades in the piles of garbage in their vehicle. -These guys must have run previous campaigns primarily on fear and fighting unsuspecting, weaker enemies. Any determined resistance with half a load of sense could have wiped out an attack like that. I'd like to see how they worked
  11. As far as dumb summer Blockbusters go, I mind Men in Black the least. I still hold the first one as a genuinely entertaining movie.
  12. Yeah and no. There's not really much of a "media" here, as most of the year, the biggest stories are "Man falls down near road." The big joke is that there were a few Sovcit groups who tried to get open-carry groups to intimidate folks in Pittsburgh, but nobody showed up at the meeting zones for it. Pennsylvania is like a lot of Appalachian states in that it's mostly small, very centralized towns with miles of farmland or mountains separating them, so news media ends up extremely regional, and nobody really cares what happens to one of the polling places in Frog Balls, PA.
  13. More views into the minds of these people: http://www.seditionists.com/refugehc.pdf Besides the paranoid "gubbiment psych ops and overloading satellites", one notable section is that she only briefly mentions the moments before Finicum truck left the refuge. Apparently one of the people who was supposed to go with them, David Fry, was nowhere to be seen at the time. The big one people are mocking is how Ammon received a gift and blessing from a "General in 18th century dress who is a great-grandson of a Declaration signer."
  14. Fucking Jesus, the amount of patience they showed when he was screaming at them from his car. There have been people who have gotten guns drawn on them for saying less.
  15. I don't know how much came of this, but it's a recording a Judge meeting with representatives of the "Coalition of Western States" (yes, COWS, very cute). They wanted him to support the ding-dongs in the refuge. He wasn't a big fan, since those ding-dongs were sending death threats to him. https://soundcloud.com/opb/010916cowsmeeting The comments are the usual grandstanding nonsense.
  16. Why are people pushing Star Citizen like it's anything but a huge joke doomed to fail?
  17. I stopped myself from picking up a dehydrator a few weeks ago. You guys'll have to give me tips.
  18. One of the stranger things on my resume is a consulting gig. Nothing business official, but there was an Italian guy who had just emigrated to the area, and he really enjoyed our food. Soon, he started asking questions about the town and business and it became apparent he wanted to open a restaurant. I tried to tell him what I knew, why places always closed, why some never open up. He then pulled me, an accountant, and another more traditional chef into a room, and being very open about his finances and plans, asked us for input. The other chef gave him tips about opening a legit restaurant an
  19. So after the Bellingcat report on MH17, Russian government officials got mad on a few occasions and made attempts to call them out, eventually contacting Bellingcat directly. When asked for evidence of fakery, the Russian MFA came out with this (direct links to pdf downloads): Russian: https://www.bellingcat.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/%D0%9E%D1%82%D0%B2%D0%B5%D1%82-%D0%91%D0%B5%D0%BB%D0%BB%D0%B8%D0%BD%D0%B3%D0%BA%D1%8D%D1%82-21042016.doc English: https://www.bellingcat.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/MFA_response_1_en.pdf It turns out they may have plagiarized some blog posts. Bell
  20. I think the last one has to do with mobile gaming. There seems to be a metric of "days per week/month logged in these days" that devs are pushing, probably under the direction of those responsible to shareholders. It was the problem with The Division until a pretty good fix a week or so ago. You could pretty much only get decent loot drops by doing daily missions. You had one chance per day basically, and then nothing. The only other way to get good high-level loot was from crafting, specifically using blueprints that you only got from being high Dark Zone level, which took at least twenty hou
  21. Remember when good games with single player campaigns were coming out, and it was obvious that the campaigns suffered because of shoe-horned multiplayer and we all said "Hey you could do multiplayer or single, it doesn't have to be both!" I feel like devs/publishers took the wrong lesson from that. Because now all of a sudden we're inundated with action multiplayer games. Overwatch, Battleborn, The Division, Garden Warfare 2, Escape From Tarkov, and Umbrella Corps, among others, are lined up for 2016 in a world where multiplayer games are dying on release or in Early Access. It's also gott
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