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  1. Al-Khalid is basically a Norinco tank
  2. How does CNN not know that is just a clock with duct tape wrapped around it?
  3. Elizabeth Warren confirmed the One Drop Rule when she still clings to her Native American heritage when she possibly had an ancestor 6-10 generations ago. Meanwhile Nazi racial autism stopped at your grandparents; if you don't have a Jewish grandparent, you are considered German.
  4. What I love more is how Warren thought it was a 'gotcha' moment and decided to roast herself.
  5. TIL that the Democratic Party still believes in the One Drop Rule, which was too much even for the racially autistic Nazis.
  6. Context for that last post: he was making an analogy of why mob rule is bad when Democrats are saying that the Electoral College and the Senate are bad for not representing people by proportion.
  7. It seems part of the reason why Trump didn't push Justin too hard is because he achieved his bigger scheme of containing China.
  8. https://ca.gofundme.com/help-christine-blasey-ford Remember this brave individual had absolutely nothing to gain from it
  9. It's kind of ironic because it's actually harder to remove a sitting president by 25th Amendment than to impeach him since you need 2/3 of both houses rather than 1/2 of HoR and 2/3 of senate.
  10. Ah yes, the good old dairy cartel. A cartel that not only limits foreign imports but local production in Canada all to ensure that a few farmers in Quebec don't have to compete. To give you an idea of how ridiculous the cartel is, there are licenses for milk producing cows in order to legally produce milk to sell to the market. And since new licenses aren't issued or very rarely issued, a milk production license for a single cow is hideously expensive and runs at a 6 figure sum. While our consumers get ripped off by the dairy cartel, it doesn't do much good for the industry overall; as countries like Australia dismantled their systems, they began to export and develop the industry rather than stagnate due to being heavily protected and unable to expand. If there is anything good about this trade war, it's that the dairy cartel in Canada is being brought to the front page and hopefully dismantled.
  11. TIL that NPR is run by the same people as the Onion https://www.npr.org/2018/04/20/604343810/democrats-sue-russia-wikileaks-and-trump-campaign-over-election-conspiracy
  12. So are scuba divers all white supremacists?
  13. I thought cultural appropriation is taboo for progressives
  14. American congressman leaves when they start chanting the name of his country You can't make this shit up
  15. Guys I have an idea to generate by far the greenest energy and creating the most jobs. EPA better give me some green innovation grant as well as some subsidies to make it take off in the market.
  16. Biden probably would have won in 2016 against Trump but it would be very hard for him to win against incumbent Trump. It's always much harder to unseat an incumbent president.
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