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  1. Rip T___Aalternateaccount
  2. Attention trans ladies, natal-ladies, and other, equally valid genders It is I, Her Gracious and Serene Majesty Queen Diane Feinstein the VIII. I want to talk to you today about bisexuality in ammunition. As you all know bisexuality is the worst possible sexual orientation. Even worse than heterosexuality! For being a bisseuxal means you are at best confused and at worse a traitor to LGBTQQIP2SAA people everywhere. You may ask: Why do we then keep the B in the holy acronym? Because for the same reason the Christians--toxic they may be--still regarded Judas as an Apostle. So that we may be reminded of the failures of our former comrades. Anyway when I mean full caliber, I mean full caliber. For I have seen suggested work arounds and they are the bisexuals of ammunition.
  3. After mentioning this idea to the Chief Auditor of Rocketry, I and the folks up at Lumpoco would appreciate water/alcohol as the propellant since we have a large stockpile of it and manufacturing expertise from our A series derived rockets.
  4. I'll allow gas turbines with conventional fuels, or better yet, something like alcohol, so we can put our gluten free wheat stockpile to good use.
  5. Oh, I forgot to mention, that comic sans is the now the official font of The Dianetic People’s Republic of California because people with dyslexic enhanced brains can read it better than other fonts.
  6. Attention trans ladies, natal-ladies, and other, equally valid genders It is I, Her Gracious and Serene Majesty Queen Diane Feinstein the VIII, I have been keeping a close eye on this competition and frankly I think we can do better. The Dianetic People’s Republic of California is, after all, the most diverse country in the world. Our diversity quota ensure that only one cishet white male is allowed on your design team. Anyway, I think that we aim for the stars with this new tank and should have a gun that accomplishes that. I am adjusting the requirements: The gun must use traditional AP rounds. Sub-caliber rounds limit our ability to develop high-explosive rounds which, is the main ammo type of our tanks. One of my aides informs me that full-bore AP is more effective against NERA. Also the phallic structure of sub-caliber rounds enforces toxic heteromasculinity. The requirements for this new gun should be around 8 inches of penetration at 1.25 miles at 1200 minutes of an arc. That way this tank can defeat anything those Cascadians Chuds can throw at us.
  7. At least two LGBTQQIP2SAA and/or racial minorities I am interested in your participation Citizen Mahan, I have read your file and you are under suspicion of the heresy of believing that that Xenu brought humans to Earth on Boeing 707s rather than the one true DC-8.
  8. Did you just refer to worms as a lesser lifeforms than us? That is is very Annelidphobic of you. Please use men as objects of your derision
  9. Do not use female pronounes to refer to me. For I, Her Safe and Tolerant Majesty Queen Diane Feinstein the VIII, shall only be referred to by female pronouns by members of the nobility, the holy ones who have made the necessary tithes to the One, Holy, Galactic, and Dianetic, Church of Scientology. You Pleb, may only use Use the Xer pronoun to talk about me.
  10. March 13, 2019 Gave the moderators a new symbol.
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