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  1. Whoops. Sorry. I am getting increasingly senile. You wait until you are in your 60s, its not fun . . . . . .
  2. A fascinating post. If you don't mind, I will put a link for it on Tanknet.
  3. Hi Walter, that's the case. The exception being photos and illustrations which remain the authors copyright and still generate income. Generally I don't mind if people use my stuff, as long as they acknowledge my copyright. What really bugs me, is when I see my text and/or photos, either in print or on the web, when someone else claims they took the photos or wrote the book.That does happen and it's bloody annoying!
  4. The Oshkosh is so bloody ugly, even its mother couldn't love it ........
  5. Re the single roof hatch for the Merkava 4? All Merkava' 4s were produced with a "plug" in the turret roof. This could be removed temporarily to allow the fitting of an external seat, to be used by an instructor for crews in training. It was originally intended that the Merkava 4 should go into battle with just the one hatch, the fewer the hatches in situ on the roof, the better the armour protection. Recently, some Merkava 4s have had a permanent, second roof hatch installed. The reason why is considered OPSEC. cheers Marsh
  6. Hi LoooSeR, The top photo is actually one of the proof of concept vehicles for the Merkava 4 programme, it's based on a Merkava 3 chassis. Note, the RCWS, which at one stage was going to be a standard fitting for the Merkava 4 but was restricted by costs. Re copyright issues in Russia? An earlier book of mine was reproduced word for word, using the same photos etc, in Russia. The "author" claimed copyright of both text and photos. The publishing company I had written the original for, for decided not to act as it was hopeless doing so through Russian legal system. I also had an Italian company reproduce one of my articles and accompanying photos and claim the copyright for someone else. Complaints useless. A very well known German publisher stole some of my photos and sold them on. When I complained, I got a real, genuine personal apology from the owner and financial compensation. It's a funny old world out there . . .
  7. Ha, the Achzarit cut away is from one of the books I wrote!
  8. The intent of the Pereh was to engage and destroy formations of enemy armour approaching the border with a specific emphasis on the Golan. The airforce in 1973 had not been able to interdict columns of enemy tanks, prior to their arrival on the battlefield. Dense enemy air defences made such missions too costly. Ripple fire of Tamuz from Peleh batteries was intended to restore the ability to reach out and destroy, with precision, at a distance.
  9. To the best of my knowledge, Elbit now focuses on anti-missile counter measures. Rafael produces most of the ATGMs that the Israelis build. IAI did produce Nimrod, a very long range ATGM, but I don't know the status of that programme. This is not to say that Elbit doesn't produce missiles, but if so, the programmes are still classified. cheers
  10. Nope. Tamuz and Spike are the same missile produced by Rafael. Tamuz is the IDF designation, Spike the manufacturers for world wide sales. The first designation by the manufacturer was Gill, but that name was dropped years ago.
  11. Actually to be precise, there are other guidance options, dependent on the model of Tamuz used
  12. Yes LoooSer it uses the Tamuz. A non line of sight Spike. Fibre optic spool with either fire and forget or man in the loop options
  13. The Magach based Spike launcher, the Pereh or Wild has been officially revealed. Thanks to "Camera" at the Mess for the heads up. The vehicle has been in service for 30 years! Links currently available in Hebrew only. Cheers Marsh http://www.fresh.co.il/vBulletin/t-5...�לי_תמוז http://www.israeldefense.co.il/he/co...�רא-נחשף https://www.facebook.com/mazidf/phot...type=1&theater
  14. Mike, never mind that BTD has the identical style, content and font used for Sparky's videos presentations on different sites over the years? Have a google search for "Black Tail Defence and Mike Sparks",
  15. Black Tail Defense appears to be linked to Mike Sparks. Yes the bloke who devised the name "Gavin" for the M113 and insists it be referred to as such, even though in reality it never has been given that designation. Frankly those who have had any kind of dealings with the man on Tank Net et al, believe he has some mental health issues. I wouldn't take anything written by Black Tail Defense, as being worth analysis or rebuttal.
  16. To Life_in _Black. From the Merkava III onwards, when they received their initial paint job at Tel ha Shomer, basalt blocks were fed in a crusher. Then the finely crushed rock is passed through a hopper. The fine grit is then added to the grey/olive paint sprayed on the tank. The noise is absolutely unbearable. It is a clever, if primitive, method of camouflage. Any environmental dust sticks to the tanks paint job, it is a bastard to clean off in fact. Thus a Merkava operating on the Golan will look a different hue to a Merk in the Negev. In this era of multi-spectral sensors, the IDF need to move on. Hence Fibrotex . . . . . To collimatrix. You are mistaken. what you consider a problem is a non-issue. Frequencies used are not affected. Making the fire control system work well in a dusty environment with a resultant thermal plume was a real problem to solve. Your point simply isn't an issue, sorry. cheers Marsh
  17. Hi LooSeR. Yes Merk 2 Batash with armour modules specifically designed to defeat heavy ATGMs. Also note the side skirts which extend upwards. Marsh
  18. I suspect it's British and it is probably an exercise in the Emirates or Kuwait. We did hold similar exercise in Libya, but my bet is that it is one of the Trucial states
  19. Hi, The wooden mock up was dated 1970. It was followed by at least two proof of concept vehicles in the same year. The first was based upon a Centurion hull minus its turret. the test mule had its hull widened, its drive sprockets reversed from rear to front and its powerpack placed in the front. The second test mule had the same hull configuration, but its turret replaced with a weighted casing. As you can see, there were a number of other test mules produced with different turrets etc, between 1970 and 1974. Four Merkava prototypes commenced their trials in 1974 and the production process telescoped to accelerate entry into service as soon as possible. Thus the Merkava 1 that entered service was still a development model and underwent a series of upgrades both on the production line and at the ordnance base at Tel ha Shomer after entry into service. If you know what to look for, you can see interesting hybrids of Merkava 1 and 2 in old photos. The latter was really the full production model. cheers Marsh
  20. Only a handful of Nakpadons were produced with that configuration. For a very specific purpose. It's still OPSEC, but I am sure you can figure it out easily enough.
  21. Hi, A diesel fuel cell 7cm thick, will offer roughly 1cm protection equivalent of RHA against HEAT and slightly less against KE penetrators. i have visited the production line for Merkava III when it was active, Merkava !V and the Namer. You are somewhat underestimating the protection of the tanks and are missing something. For obvious reasons I am not prepared to discuss this factor any further. Cheers Marsh
  22. Hi Donward, Zippo adverts from WW11 with the catchline "Lights every time". There are loads out there, particularly the adverts that focus on the device being windproof. https://www.pinterest.com/pin/163325923963584488/ https://www.pinterest.com/pin/163325923963252344/ Just to reiterate. I do not believe that Shermans were referred to as Ronsons in a derogatory sense, nor Zippos for that matter. cheers Marsh
  23. Perhaps both weight and balance. The early M10s were a nightmare to lock on to the target because of poor weight distribution, hence the duckbill and other modifications to the turret rear. This actually increased weight but improved balance and consequently accuracy.
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