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  1. If you want a tank game, it's way better than WoT, and AW isn't even on the map. There is some shit that they need to fix, for sure, but the problems that WT has are no where near as bad as WoT (except the Nazi bias, good god Gaijin guzzles wehraspooge)
  2. Holodomor, Great Leap Forward, etc. I mean, they didn't intentionally use starvation as a method of execution, but they also starved a lot of people to death. Edit: fixed spelling.
  3. I could see paint thinner huffing morons believing that, but if that was the case, it's the least effective concentration/extermination camp in human history. They aren't even starving them to death like Communists would do, or extracting meaningful labour out of them.
  4. In what world is calling the Israeli Military the Waffen SS even handed? Am I missing the firing squads, gas trucks, forced labour camps, confiscation of all valuables (including gold teeth), and extermination camps? How about the fucked up medical experiments? The only people who do not want a two state solution are the Palestinians. Like the Nazis, the Palestinians want to exterminate the Jews, they do not want to coexist with them. After everything that happened in world war two, I don't blame Israel for being extremely hostile to anyone who wants to remove them from existence. "Never again" is a very powerful motivator. That doesn't even get into how insulting it is to compare Jews to Nazis, but that's such a minor point here that it hardly matters. I would say that it would trigger some SJWs, but they hate Israel, too. How many times did your drunken mother drop you on your head as a child? Is that why your name is Sgt Sqaurehead?
  5. The world is a fucked up place. This whole western utopian ideal of civility and "human rights" is just a pipe dream. Humans are tribal animals, and the threat of violence against each other is what makes people behave in a "civil" manor towards each other. This can be manifest through religion or other values, but ultimately it is the threat of violence. The threat of violence in religion comes from the notion of divine punishment. I have a hard time saying anything other than "fuck the rest of this shit hole world, humans are the architects of their own misery." Oh look, some ethnic group mistreats another ethic group that is hostile towards them! Fucking surprise! Oh wow, this breeds further hostility! Fucking surprise! I'm just going to sit in the bigliest ivory tower that is the United Fucking States of Fucking America and say fuck them all. Unitil humans can rise above the level of being violent apes pandering to our own id, shit that offends our ego is going to continue to happen. The strong devour the weak, either by liquidation or subjugation, and that's how it is. Natural selection is a bitch to the weak. PS: I may have had a fair amount of vodka (for maximum Russian collusion)
  6. Hey, let's run a story that incorrectly implies wrongdoing on the part of our political opponents, then after it's peaked and people have moved on to other news we can quietly issue a correction that only a small percentage of the original readership will see!
  7. Don't worry, we still have "arm braces"
  8. This is one of those cases where I could see a legit reason for an insanity plea.
  9. And after all that he still missed! Well, more that he was just aiming too low.
  10. Alternative energy is the future! That's why we need all of these heavy government subsides and regulatory exceptions for them. How else are politicians supposed to get that sweet sweet green energy graft to siphon off into their campaign coffers.
  11. @Sturgeon This may be of interest to you. In the recent test notes for the upcoming patch the developers have stated that they are going to reduce the SP cost of tanks by 1/2 and make reserve vehicles free. This should definitely make RB more enjoyable.
  12. nice looking at the market, I should have just bought the plane, since it is selling for so much. Easily a 3x ROI.
  13. Jesus Christ, it was a joke. A light hearted jab. No need to get your panties in a bunch.
  14. And you make fun of me for not wearing jeans. I could be wrong, but I don't think 5.11 will get involved with anti second amendment BS.
  15. "...I've been here for over 40 years..." - Leahy Maybe it's time for him to go.
  16. Please, just because the Clinton foundation / Clinton global initiative received (hundreds of?) Millions of dollars from various Saudis interests during her tenure as secretary of state is irrelevant. Also, nice Soviet propaganda whataboutism there. You must be a Russian agent as well for using KGB tactics to try and steer the conversation off topic. The only topic that we are allowed to talk about is what punishment Donald Trump should receive for colluding with the Russians, because that's a major crime!
  17. "How do you reconcile what you've just said with the hundreds of school shootings, using assault weapons, that have taken place in recent history." Is she off her meds again? Is the dementia really rough today? Because I don't know what universe she is living in where there have been multi hundreds of school shootings "in recent history". She is probably counting every single round fired as a separate instance of a "school shooting". And probably counting every weapon as an "assault weapon".
  18. I'm so confused now. I dislikes cyclists for many reasons, but none of the reasons listed there. In fact, I wholeheartedly disagree with all of their complaints about cyclists. So, the takeaway from this is to look at activities that young (20-30s) cis white men disproportionally engage in, then make up reasons as to why it's oppressing to the intersectional spectrum.
  19. We live in a post context world, just look at Count Dankula. Context is born from toxic masculinity, the patriarchy, and white privilege. We must do away with context and the oppression it brings.
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