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  1. Just got this turd working (new house). Am very confused. Please send SPAM and bourbon. And crackers (for said spam),.
  2. Condolences to the crews. I've been there. Is there a fund for the families?
  3. Mirage III when? (please) But really. Phantom, but no Mirage?
  4. Do you think we'll see a move from Eastern/ComBloc patterns toward Western or (ideally) original designs?
  5. Holy Shit. These are fucking amazing. Grabbed some as wallpaper. Hopefully I'll be able to post some from relatives of this quality soon. Got more than a few who served many tours in Vietnam.
  6. God save them if this is the UN. I pray they have command that allows them to "shoot as needed per individual perogative with zero recourse" and not the shit a friend dealt with in what was Yugoslavia.
  7. Okay. Phantoms. Yeah. Then Mig 21's. (Which I really looked forward to. The MiG 21 is a "Grail" plane right after I get a F86F and F4D/E). All that aside. They decided to introduce a plane I saw in Japan. And call it a "T2".. No son, That was as much a "trainer" as the F104 was for NASA astronauts. That, is a F-1, and it is amazing. You can run full burner on intercepts, forever . Light arms, but it has a M61 20MM as backup. Not that you;ll need it. Your burners will be all the defense you need, You can literally just BOOOOFFFFFFF away from enemies. As in " Go from "oh shit" to "Wow that sucked glad I can now take some to turn around and load some pain" , in less time than it took to type and edit that sentence. Get this plane.
  8. Looking for some input on a potential article. That is- "Increasing shot velocity and charge , versus increasing shot volume while maintaining charge".. Not sure how many in here really have dicked with shotguns, but there was a move away from large bore, large "column" shells toward smaller bore, and higher delivery velocity of said column within the last 100 years. Now, we are seeing 3.5" 12 gauge shells that are basically trying to replicate (IMO) large dram 10 gauge loads. . I propose that instead of moving toward smaller bore , higher mass loads, we look toward removing idiotic and primitive restrictions, and remove caps on 8 bore and larger shotguns. Thus allowing the same mass of shot, delivered at a lower, but more useful velocity. (Disclaimer- I used to hunt dove with a 10 gauge damascus barreled Boss & Co. shotgun. ).
  9. What's this!? Fuckbags using a tragedy to further their political agenda? Whodathunk!? (Clinton Foundation and Haiti, Anyone?).
  10. Sold off much of the postwar Japanese stuff. Actually got a bit for the Hasegawa Blue Impulse collection. (kind of wish I'd built them, as the Hasegawa 1/48 Sabre is amazing) The armor, not so much. Japanese armor is a hard sell. Likely sold a lot of that at a loss. Held onto to superb (the name escapes me) 1/32 model of a IJN basic trainer, simply because it came with brass tubing and copper rod to replicate parts of it's structure, and the aircraft itself is simply beautiful. ("Akatombo?"). An Arai kit? Moving into a more spacious house might let me get back into modelbuilding. Looking forward to it.
  11. Fuck them. Even my hardcore Democrat neighbor is sick of the gun control spiel.
  12. Saw a 47 Fleetmaster a few days ago. Sweet car. Simple, shift on the column (basically making it theft-proof today) fastback styling. Guy said he got a solid 20 MPG, and it would cruise at 75 MPH . Based on my experiences with similar vehicles of the era, he was probably right.
  13. Dont be angry, but I used to have some neat M240 bits. Rail "forend", some odd topcover NODS mount (I think for a PVS-4, it was huge) a couple tank/armor barrels, a couple of T&E's. Tried selling them at a couple SAR shows, but was offered cents on the dollar. So I gave them to a good friend who had one of the semi-auto ones, for helping me move to Kentucky.
  14. Warthunder introduced Phantoms. The circle is complete. Unlock the sixth gate, and release the demons.
  15. The system used by the Mg42 and G3 has a lot of issues regarding "less than optimal" ammo. In that "it does not. It shits the bed". Even the Pig will choke, hiccup and fart, and a bit of twiddelery-fuckery will persuade it to work. Not so with the Mg3. If it farts, shit has gone pear shaped, and you now have a club.
  16. I can see why they did not go with it. Looks like a fucking baby eating monster. Sad, the interior looks nice.
  17. Oh that COE. What great lines.
  18. "AC Delco" is a "Zombie Brand", and has been for a while.
  19. A warning "Delco" is not what it used to be. And "Self fusing tape" is the berries, if a bit expensive.
  20. "Imagine thousands of simultaneous boating accidents, involving the loss of entire collections, all within the span of a week or so.". All humor aside, the logistics of such weigh against it. Whole states would rebel. (which I suspect is what some want).
  21. Huh, did not know that. Neat! Much as I like the OH-6, the '58 actually went somewhere.
  22. Other than the Ranger /OH58 did not exist then? I'm not sure if any Bell lights saw service in SE
  23. People do not realize how absurdly forgiving and tolerant the Bell "Rangers" are. You have to work to make one crash.
  24. "Hundreds of Rounds" might describe how much 6.5 Arisaka or 7.35 French Long I have. I suspect my meagre stash of 8mm Ordinance for the M1892 would be "an arsenal" to some swine.
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