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  1. I work with a guy who was a tank mechanic not so long ago (To where he is looking at re-enlisting in the KYNG). I basically said "most of the improvements will be in gunnery and targeting. You won't see shit in mobility". Sad to see I'm right. part of me still wants a Laumer style "tank" that masses a few thousand tons, but can make a Ferrarri look slow.
  2. That bitch is as dumb as snake mittens.
  3. As if the sound of the bolt closing was not warning enough. Based on Joe Biden's suggestion, I could make a "personal defense unit" that just replicates the sound of a (I assume) Remington 870 shucking a high brass double ought into the smoke-hole. I mean, "hey, the Veep suggested it".
  4. "ride" cars? Stick to dicks, ladies, because you're obviously too stupid to be around an automobile.
  5. Should have called it the spit-cup or the spit-up. That thing is absurdly homely. Looks like an angry crab from the front.
  6. 3~4 MOA is a reasonable expectation for an issue weapon. It's about what you'd get from "Average Conscript, Mk1Mod1" with a modicum of training and a sound rifle firing reasonable ammo. Of the Mausers I've owned, only the Swedish variants really impressed me.
  7. Sounds like a load of bullshit to me as well, lest this snowflake decided to camp at an organized shoot.
  8. You'll see that a lot on vehicles in less than gun friendly locations. "Is that a 2X4, with a chunk of EMT glued to it, masquerading as a M1919?".. Chances are, "Yes, it is". Check out some of the Youtube vids on MGB81, a British "Motor Gun Boat" that was "restored". The guns are pretty bad. (Admission, I grew up on the Great Lakes, and was corrupted at a young age by a beautifully restored 82' Elco, that had mostly functional armament. What impressed me was it had the original three 1500HP Packard mills churning the sauce. You NEVER forget that sound.)
  9. I still question the long term durability of wholly electric vehicles, once they become "dumbed down" or "priced down" to where we see them in semi-common use. ICE powered vehicles will be around for a very very long time. Were I a reasonably sized automaker, I'd be looking at LPG/Propane, instead of electric.
  10. Wiish I'd recorded the time I pulled down a huge palm with the M-37. Just ran a chain from a deadman to the front lifting eyes, then used the winch to pull the tree over. All with maybe 100 HP, and no asshattery.
  11. Somewhere I have an old issue of "FLIGHT" (or similar) that talked about the RF-4J. That the old Sled could, in it's PR form, just burn away from most threats.
  12. The first and sixth photo remind me of my childhood in Michigan. In fact, a lot of Russia looks like much of Michigan. (or something like that).
  13. DOT3 and DOT4 are (as far a 99% of those using either are concerned) interchangeable, and compatable. A vacuum pulls a constant, that's what you want. You don't need a high vacuum, just a steady one. My first "power bleeder" used an old tube evacuator, the stem from a tube, and a pickle jar. And a lot of RTV silicone. For a temporary fix, score some of the aluminum foil tape used for AC service. Clean the area well, and put a layer on top and bottom, then bias. For a longer term fix, flattened coffee cans and a pop riveter, plus roofing asphalt will last an amazingly long time. As to the drain plug, I'd just plan for a new pan. You can still change the oil, you just need a bit of stiff tube that will slip down the dipstick tube, and reach the bottom of the pan. Then use your improvised brake bleeder, scaled up to a 5 gallon bucket with a tight lid. (This is actually how a lot of modern cars do oil changes, by sucking the oil out the dipstick tube).
  14. Most (SAE/DOT) brake fluids are interchangeable, barring the more exotic fluids like pure silicone, etc. That aside, easy way to "change" the fluid is to rig up a suction jar using a vacuum. Use a large glass jar, pole two holes in the lid. One for the "inlet" and one for the vacuum. Use plastic tube, run one long line through the lid, and then a shorter one to the crevice tool of the vacuum. Seal this with tape, and make sure it just pokes through the lid. The "suction" line needs to almost reach the bottom of the jar. Now fire up the vacuum and suck the fluid from the brake master cylinder reservoir. Add clean fluid. if you're really worried, stick the end of the sucker hose over the bleeders and crack them with the vac running. Have someone add fluid at the top, and pull a vac on the jar til you see clean fluid. Do this on all four wheels. The damage is from rust.Misplacing the jack just pointed it out. Four Ways are shit on anything other than solid lugs. Use a socket and breaker bar to get them off (especially since every shop out there loves putting MAXIMUM HAMFIST on the nuts with a 1/2" impact). Those are the first automotive drums I've seen with no (visible) adjuster. Normally you back the adjuster off when installing new shoes, to allow the (likely unturned) drum to go on easily. Then you'd mount the wheel, spin it and bring the adjuster up til it drags, then back it off 3~5 "clicks". See if there is an adjusting wedge on the anchors or similar to allow one to adjust the shoes, and back it off. Oh, and for really stuck drain plugs? Buy a new one, then use a big pair of vise grips to take the old one out. If it starts coming out hard, you have serious issues, and some fuckwit has overtorqued the drainbolt, and you may need a new pan, (or a Helicoil or to chase the threads with a tap.).
  15. Many foreign makers pulled out of the U.S. market as a result of those dubious "safety" standards. Ever wonder why some like the MG or the 240/260 Z ended up with silly looking bumpers? "Safety Standards". (Meant more to reduce insurance payouts for minor fender-benders, as the telescoping "battering ram" bumpers were useless in much other than the slowest of collisions)
  16. I like it, reminds me of an old Dodge van I once had.
  17. We had a trace of it here in Kentucky. Some visiting relatives in the upstairs apartment were freaking out. I said "It will be rainy and 40F by morning". (I was off a bit, but the snow did fuck right off).
  18. The fix is, "Be a single issue voter". If an elected official Violates/Infringes on the Second, assume they cannot be trusted on the other amendments, and send them packing. Remind currently serving ones of the repercussions.
  19. Just two bits worth of opinion, but it's a casting, it will thin at the edges to accomodate the fasteners.
  20. Nice thing about new job is, "we have the press used for fitting solid tires to industrial wheels". That fucking thing is COMING OUT/ GOING IN, no matter the amount of rust on it.
  21. FIGURES ARE RACIST (Or some such twaddle).
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