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  1. this has appeared else where which may be relevant
  2. I realize that sandbags provide little to no armor protection, but soldiers still used them on tanks. Would they mitigate the effects of HE warheads, or the blastwave of HEAT warheads?
  3. https://www.thefreelibrary.com/Army+pursuing+alternatives+to+heavy+vehicle+armor.-a0468700292 US Army pursuing alternatives to heavy vehicles. Personally I think the vulnerability of electronics will simply make repairing tanks where there is heavy fighting will make supply costs higher, something like how it was unexpected that battery consumption would be higher in Desert Storm (or was it Iraqi Freedom). It seems likely the next tank may have an electric transmission. And to have Christie tank capabilities.
  4. Just to make sure, is this the same principle behind why bird cages are so strong?
  5. wouldn't it increase stiffness width-wise, but not length-wise?
  6. there is no more modular part of a tank than the gun. http://www.dtic.mil/cgi-bin/GetTRDoc?AD=ADA476392 even so, low-end ETC is most likely, which only improves accuracy, barring some immense improvement in capacitor density.
  7. that hasn't stopped them in the past the advantage of declassifiers of documents working at a different agency is that they can't be fired by the Department of Defense.
  8. The ability to effect a large quantity of fires is important to demoralize and disperse an enemy (or so I believe). I do find it puzzling that the recommended response to insurgents firing mortars at our troops it to get a more powerful rifle, particularly as airburst munitions are being developed.
  9. i find it hard to believe that such a thing would actually be declassified
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