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  1. what's the story about this "Experimental Autoloaders" plz ? the second one it's similar to the Russian AZ autoloade for T72/90 MBTs
  2. According to the Russian wiki it is ERA for the interception projectiles launchers (launchers arrays) T-14 have two launcher placed on either side of the turret from the Russian wiki https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Афганит_(активная_защита) Ejection launcher hatch has a removable cover
  3. i have question this is the interception projectiles launchers ( for the high speed projectiles " APFSDS " )
  4. thank you anyway i hope you will find it and me too have very broken english
  5. thank you very much for the informations and sources and i will ask you for your source about that Kornet and Metis-M have a non initiating precursor and in your article in otvaga 2004 you said that RPG 28 and 29 have a non initiating precursor too i wish if you give me the source too
  6. We were wrong System modules are integrated Algerian tanks have full Shtora-1
  7. My mistake the Algerian tank does not have a complete Shtora-1 for the Syrian tank it is not a export version .. it is the Russian T90A
  8. My point is there are two export various one for T-90 and the other for T90A Algeria has both .
  9. The tanks called T-90SA is Tanks from the first batch of the 2006 deal . this is Different
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