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  1. A closer look to the Challenger 2 mantlet :
  2. IIRC, this was related to the smoother shape of the turret (less protuberances) compared to the previous British MBTs.
  3. That was never intended to be a datalink, it's just a flexible primer. Leclerc's autoloader loading time was increased (reducing the rate of fire to 9-10 rounds per minute instead of 12) as the ammunition were too violently rammed into the chamber, sometimes resulting in a rebound of the ammunition. How reliable are the Type 90 and 10 autoloader ? I wouldn't rely my reasoning on short videos. Does any official data exist regarding the performance of these devices ? In any case, the South Korean delegation paid much attention to the Leclerc's autoloader during their visit at Eurosatory many years ago.
  4. It's a rather peculiar layout, given the achieved protection level. The side armor only relies and on a thin composite plate (KSAP), a stowage box and small Kontakt-1-like NERA bricks. Does the threats hit the sides with a 60° obliquity (coming from the front) ?
  5. It's ironic knowing that the Challenger 1 was derived from a tank designed for operating in the desert.
  6. Just in case of Best Korea infantry zerg rush.
  7. https://twitter.com/8ermat/status/1356625823932035073?s=21
  8. The reactive armor that protects the bustle sides of the Leclerc SXXI is being upgraded with new reactive kits : As part of the Leclerc modernization, the 8th RMAT Materiel Regiment and the 12th Cuirassier armoured cavalry Regiment have been appointed for the fitting of reactive armor kits on 12 Leclerc tanks. Source : Twitter
  9. This could have been worse without the lessons learned from Saif Sareea 2 exercise.
  10. Was the Kronach Lorin coal-powered ramjet engine a viable concept ? I mean, just heating some pelletized coal in a pierced basket would have been sufficient to produce a coherent thrust ?
  11. Now that its protection level has been finally revealed, I'm curious about the Osório.
  12. What a strange idea to re-use the designation of an old APFSDS from the 1970s. Does the M325 HEAT-MP-T has pop-out fins ?
  13. The AMX-40 was the first French MBT to feature NERA (a.k.a PAC in French ; shock-accelerated plates) :
  14. I expressed myself poorly, I was referring to the unknown model of ERA.
  15. This information comes from the writings of Marc Chassillan.
  16. All Merkava models are made of rolled armor plates produced by Creusot-Loire Industrie (now Industeel). What about the M735 versus the NATO Heavy Single target ? The Kornet can also be recognized by its lack of visible tail flare and its rather smooth in-flight trajectory.
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