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  1. Get ready losers, she's gonna run. Also early voter polls are gonna start closing. We're gonna be in the home stretch of screeching.
  2. You know, you can summarize that whole list up instead with "people who have the same interests".
  3. Here's my tinfoil hat take on this bomber. He's a result of the FBI, he'd been egg'd on and pushed by an agent into acting so that he could be intercepted. I think the FBI does this kind of thing regularly, trying to infiltrate groups or locate weirdos to push them forward and get them to do something they wouldn't otherwise do. Another thing to note is that almost all of the people targeted have security details that check incoming mail. Didn't some of them get into the offices buildings where the person was? This whole event looks rotten.
  4. Given how insane this guy is I wouldn't be surprised if it was just his piss bottles.
  5. Welcome to the Republic. There's a reason there is also a house of representatives.
  6. It's a combination of sounding good on the surface (and not being allowed to think deeply into it) and peer pressure. A LOT of peer pressure. They unironically believe that intersectionality is individualistic because instead of one or two identities you are constrained by, it's a dozen!
  7. Blame intersectionality. There is no logical way that it should unless you believe in "an intersection of identities".
  8. It was better than ensuring that the Republicans go out to the polls. Also my fucking sides are in orbit:
  9. The funniest thing is that this shouldn't have been a "great victory" for the Republicans. It should have just been a matter of course that you can leverage with your already activated base. Instead they somehow turned the political high ground into their own fucking Cannae. Absolute morons. They weren't going to win this battle but they fought it anyway and did irreparable damage to themselves this midterm.
  10. 50-48, may the salt flow. Kavenaugh is confirmed, time to crack a cold one for Kavenaugh. The memes are flowing: I don't know how the hell you fuck up as bad as the Democrats here. Not only did you lose the justice seat you almost certainly weren't getting anyway, but you screwed up your voter enthusiasm gap. You know, that enthusiasm you've been trying to maintain by keeping your base in hysterics for two years? You absolute fools. You incompetent dumbfucks. What the hell is wrong with you? Also Feinstein you need to follow Hillary right on out the door if you want the Dems to have a chance in the future. What are you doing. Hiding this stupid allegation for months only to spring it late. You idiot.
  11. When you're screaming incoherently at the top of your lungs, people will notice and become worried.
  12. When I got it my thought was that there are going to be people who think that it's a warning that the right wind death squads are gonna be on the street at any time.
  13. Well, guess they're trash. "Please get therapy for hearing unapproved opinions"
  14. "New photographic evidence obtained by the New York Times shows a drunken Brett Kavanaugh losing his temper amidst a bar brawl before viciously attacking an innocent bystander with his ice." Madman
  15. See I don't even doubt that he's intelligent. Just that a part of his personality is to be audacious and make people like him. I get how that can make someone come across as not intelligent compared to the archetype of the stoic laconic personality. I had an uncle who was a pretty big businessman, left my aunt millions and had stuff from meeting...I think it was either Ford or Nixon. In any case one thing that my dad always told me about him was that part of the reason he was soo successful negotiating is that he always made the other party feel like they got one over on him. He could be practically robbing the other guy blind but that guy would still think that boy howdy he was the winner in that one! I see that all over the place with Trump. If you think he's just a buffoon who needs handlers, I think you're just falling into his strategy of interaction. At the very extreme least, narcissistic. You have to have a pretty high view of yourself to think you're a savior just like you would if you were a swindler.
  16. Remember, fake news was coined by the cable networks (I think it was even CNN) and it only became a naughty term when used on them. This is the power of societies leash holders. There's too much trust in curated news. Not a shred of ability to research and deduce. I also fail to see anything particularly bad with Trump besides he likes to shit post on the twatters but I've already made my opinion on how we shouldn't hold elected officials on a social pedestal clear.
  17. Clearly, she didn't even need the full 15 minutes to get hundreds of thousands of dollars.
  18. The most relevant seeming update there was requiring a high minimum wage for auto factory jobs, I wonder how difficult it would be for those companies to skirt that.
  19. Hmmmmmmmm "(Chapter 11, however, will be phased out between the U.S. and Canada, Trump officials said. This chapter, which outlines the investor-state dispute settlement, allowed corporations to sue governments at special tribunals for interfering in their business.)" Somewhat concerned that this sounds like it remains for US-Mexico. It's used to allow Mexican trucks to only be to Mexican standard when using US roads. Given that I live off the biggest US-Mexico trade corridor and have seen these gigantic beaters first hand, I'm not favorable to that.
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