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  1. Would a Object 490A style tank with separated, blow-out panel equipped ammo compartments be a close to an ideal MBT before unmanned turrets, if vehicle weight was an important limit?
  2. What sort of auto-loader did the Object 490A have? Was it isolated from the crew compartment?
  3. it did not feel like metal to the touch at all, might be metal covered in some form of material, but not 100% metallic at the very least, the perforated material also seemed to be 1 piece per section of skirt, not divided into smaller pieces as on the leopard 1 turret add-on armor. If i remember correctly that was also shown on some of the pictures of destroyed turkish Leo2A4's Edit: seems like i was wrong on it being one piece: From the Leopard 2 thread looks like it is in the form of strips of material.
  4. @SH_MM I am pretty sure that the perforated plates of Leo2 side skirts are not made of metal, as evident in this picture: https://i.imgur.com/NcBlFnT.jpg The sideskirts in question are from a FDF Leo2A6.
  5. BTW, in which way is the AR-18 too fragile? and how would those be corrected.
  6. What sort of round would be an ideal machine-gun cartridge for 1930´s, it seems that most of the nations that had 6.5 as a rifle cartridge went for larger calibre's during the period, in hindsight was this really necessary, what was the reason? did .30 MG's have better barrel life or something? another thing that has been bugging me is the comparison between 6.5 Creedmoor and 7.62 NATO as MG cartridges, would the 6.5 have any real advantage over 7.62 NATO for a GPMG.
  7. What are the advantages of 57mm AA guns like the S-60 over their ww2 counterparts, it seems like it was designed to be sort of an "ultimate" "ww2" AA gun, but as it really has no equivalents it is really hard to compare it to other AA guns like 40/70 Bofors.
  8. Whats the reason IDF is going with a 30mm gun for its IFV, when these days everyone and their mother is going for larger and larger IFV cannons? Do they think that a larger gun is not necessary?
  9. Well i sent Imgur a request to remove the gallery. BTW how do you know that Lubawa SA wants them removed? @Militarysta
  10. Well, as they are on imgur i cannot remove them, the offended party should contact imgur staff to remove the image gallery.
  11. Some pictures of BMP-2FIN hull add-on armor: https://imgur.com/a/28O2hBE And some pictures of CV9030FIN side-skirt: https://imgur.com/a/O5dvZhU By the way, given the armor of modern IFV´s are guns like 35mm oerlikon capable of engaging them from the front or are they limited to side engagements? Same for engaging tanks, are Autocannons usefull for engaging tanks from the side?
  12. Is there a good book on the the PLA, especially on the modernization from late 70´s onward?
  13. What books should i buy to get information on the pre-merkava days of the IDF and into the development of Merkava and Patton/Centurion upgrades? The 75mm French gunned Shermans and their performance and development are especially of interest.
  14. If it is possible i would be interested in it too.
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