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  1. I forgot about Hermes, thanks. Maybe this is a sign that I shouldn't be drinking on a week day.
  2. I'm getting the feeling that Russia might just skip fire-and-forget ATGM capability altogether and just go straight to OTH precision targeting via suicide drone, supplemented by cheaper Vikhr-1 for WLOS. Not just for their helicopters, but for ground forces, too, if SSO's recent testing of Lancet in Syria is anything to go by; just sub Vikr w/ Kornet
  3. What does item number 9 represent? Or I suppose I should ask, How do pouches on a load bearing vest relate to the function of the ATGM?
  4. Not AFAIK. Doesn't matter anyways, the article is apparently bunk. The news about additional Rafale acquisition is true, the stuff with Su-35S was creative license from the author. There's no word of such thing in the original news it's citing.
  5. Egypt is happy with their Rafales and will likely be expanding their order. In particular they were impressed with its ability to jam recently imported Russian jets: https://www.globaldefensecorp.com/2021/07/19/su-35-fails-to-withstand-rafales-spectra-electronic-attacks/amp/?__twitter_impression=true "A Middle East based magazine Breaking Defense reported quoting Egyptian Air Force sources that Russian Su-35s radar failed repeatedly when Su-35 played a role of aggressor against Rafale F3R. Rafale’s powerful Spectra Electronic attack jammed Su-35 BAR phased array radar."
  6. More like X-32ski, if current rumours are true.
  7. The only one I'm aware of is the small rubber cover that's appeared on the upper right side of the gun mantlet, which probably houses the coaxial MG: Were there others?
  8. BMP-3 Dragoon in particular wouldn't be a bad choice. The 100mm ATGM compatible gun would also help bolster antitank capabilities in mountainous regions or those with less developed infrastructure. But Indian procurement being what it is, expect the most reasonable option to be the last one they consider. Also, posters on India Defence claim that the RFI is for domestic companies only, so I suppose we can check back in 20 years to see how that's going.
  9. That last image is from the interior of the Drok 82mm self propelled mortar.
  10. ADC411

    UAV thread

    An interesting budget loitering munition concept was presented at the latest Ukrainian arms expo, utilizing PG-7VL warhead. Presumably, other types of RPG-7 warheads could be used as well.
  11. Russian sight makers have finally discovered lithium batteries. A new collimator is set to be unveiled at Army-2021. Designated PKM-75, it has an adjustable reticule down to 1 moa and a battery life reportedly in excess of 50k hours. https://tass.ru/ekonomika/11677687 Here it is mounted on an ASVK:
  12. https://ria.ru/20210611/su-57-1736559035.html Only two Su-57 to be delivered by years end, half as much as previously announced. Let's hope it doesn't become a trend.
  13. Uraltransmash delivered a new batch of 2S19M2 SPGs to the Russian MoD. No word on the size of the delivery or the recipients: https://rostec.ru/news/uraltransmash-postavil-partiyu-samokhodnykh-gaubits-ministerstvu-oborony-rf/
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