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  1. An old mystery finally solved! The inner workings of the TKB-022 revealed courtesy of Max Popenker:
  2. Neat photo from Konstantin Lazarev: The two most noteworthy items are the rifle on the bottom that appears to be a very early VSS prototype and the PSS-2 to the left of the SR-3.
  3. Su-57's helmet has an integrated HUD and augmented reality features. It allows the pilot to see behind the cockpit, including in IR mode: https://www.google.com/amp/s/tass.ru/armiya-i-opk/10978583/amp
  4. Ukraine to license-produce UH-1s (Hueys): https://jamestown.org/program/ukraine-to-license-build-us-helicopters-for-its-armed-forces/
  5. Brigadier General Suhel al-Hasan and his SSO escort, Syria:
  6. Another new oxide video. This time we get to experience his shock and despair at the fact that a helmet only rated to protect against 9x18 can't protect against more effective rounds.
  7. Really nice, high quality footage of shooting with PSS without obnoxious music or voiceover that YouTube won't let me embed for some reason: https://youtu.be/Uyh2TPWNjTM
  8. Guys, I've gotta be honest, I'm starting to feel a bit bad about the dogpile going on here. Therefore, I've decided to play Devil's advocate and jump into the discussion as part of team of Wehraboo. I've put together a carefully crafted list of evidence to help convince you all. Exhibit A: I think that speaks for itself, but if somehow that objective assessment by a SME doesn't have you convinced, then please take a look at Exhibit B: According to most sources, Panther tanks maintained an average readiness rate of anywhere from 30-35% fo
  9. Oxide's test of the FORT Defender and Redut-M: Turns out steel plates kinda suck. Same reason that AR-500 has such a poor rep here in the states.
  10. When I look at that thing, all I can think of is this:
  11. T-14 has for the first time demonstrated the ability to detect and track targets autonomously, without participation from the crew: https://ria.ru/20210225/armata-1598859233.html
  12. I hate to be that guy, but speaking of whataboutism: With the classic Wehraboo talking points, and now this sudden defensiveness at the mere mention of the Holocaust, that 88 in your username is starting to seem just a bit suspicious.
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