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  1. I think thats because ID range can interpreted vaguely. And offcourse there is the question of the claimed performance like with MILAN maximum perforation in british tests .
  2. I think its more complicated than that for USSR from what i read only monolists in Soviet Tank industry is ammo makers .For example when Soviets tested thermals for T-80U modified Agava and Nocturne from completely different NIIs are offered .Interestingly Nocturne designers claimed identification range is 3km while Agava is 2km.And thats 90'es and T-80U refurbishment rather more lucrative Leader-2005 programm.
  3. 1)How we know about Objects 299/2,490/477 and T-74 not the mention assault guns on T-10 chassis alongside Object 152 .There is no place for T-54 chassis assault gun with 130mm gun. 2)IT index is exclusive to IT-1 all TD and Assault guns used Su index in documentation 3) In russian historical community Suvorov known as hack and troll since by his cuckoo cloudland logic USSR and USA(same traits ie:Self-loading rifles,Fast tanks et cetera) is responsible for WW2
  4. Why .224 isnt considered for USA army next cartrige?
  5. To be fair in my humble opinion it is more fault of engine makers(Shitty kharkovite tractor engine, slow development of X Diesels and Turbines) and guys responsible for electronic development(FCS and computational technology )
  6. https://www.kalashnikov.ru/spetsificheskij-vyhlop-12-7-mm-vintovka-vks-vyhlop/ https://www.kalashnikov.ru/rebus-ot-brata-predohranitel-karabina-orsis-orsis-k-15/ tlrd :Vladimir Zlobin is alternatively gifted individual. And his designs is garbage.
  7. Doesnt change that fact abrams armour arrays have cover much amount of space though. So it is better optimised.
  8. Anyone interested in communicating with Ruslan Chumak? I can translate questions. He was not only historian but weapon designer that worked at TsNIITochmash developing underwater guns.
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