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  1. Not experimental, this is a standard operational improvement. After the Namer gone active at big quantities, all the older HAPCs were retasked and improved for their new roles. Take a look at recent Nagmachon photos, they have some new parts installed.
  2. Not gonna happen anytime soon, definitely not in the next 5 year program. Budget planning etc...
  3. if you really know what is is, you are MOST DEFINITELY not supposed to write a post about it!
  4. Lunch box without hinges? what kind of blasphemy is that?!
  5. Wildcat is an IMI product, why would MASHA display a competitor's product in their 70th anniversary ceremony?! it doesnt make any sense. Also, Sandcat has to many vulnerabilities compared to the spartan design on the humvee - so its not an equivelant to it.
  6. Forget the Eitan and open your eyes - 2:26 and 2:31, next to the humvee, an armored light truck. its NOT Wildcat, not likely armored LMTV, honestly i have no idea what it is...
  7. Serial variant of the new model, based on the Mk 3 chassis - Thought someone would have noticed the stark difference by now.
  8. observation system?? nope, not even close...
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