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  1. The prototype were based on Mk-2, the production vehicles are based on Mk-3.
  2. That "Israeli site" you reffer to is actually the Forum i manage and admin - and the photos were posted by me. At least have the courtesy of giving proper credit!
  3. i'd like at add some relevant photos, how is it done?
  4. Not experimental, this is a standard operational improvement. After the Namer gone active at big quantities, all the older HAPCs were retasked and improved for their new roles. Take a look at recent Nagmachon photos, they have some new parts installed.
  5. Not gonna happen anytime soon, definitely not in the next 5 year program. Budget planning etc...
  6. if you really know what is is, you are MOST DEFINITELY not supposed to write a post about it!
  7. Lunch box without hinges? what kind of blasphemy is that?!
  8. Wildcat is an IMI product, why would MASHA display a competitor's product in their 70th anniversary ceremony?! it doesnt make any sense. Also, Sandcat has to many vulnerabilities compared to the spartan design on the humvee - so its not an equivelant to it.
  9. Forget the Eitan and open your eyes - 2:26 and 2:31, next to the humvee, an armored light truck. its NOT Wildcat, not likely armored LMTV, honestly i have no idea what it is...
  10. Serial variant of the new model, based on the Mk 3 chassis - Thought someone would have noticed the stark difference by now.
  11. observation system?? nope, not even close...
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