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  1. During a test launch, a Kalibr cruise missile crashed only a few dozens meters away from the frigates launching it (no apparent damage on the ship luckily). Launch was recorded in video, if anything it is impressive to watch: https://sputniknews.com/military/202104291082765182-watch-kalibr-cruise-missile-spirals-out-of-control-in-test-by-russias-marshal-shaposhnikov-warship/
  2. It looks like a direct response to Rhm announcement that they were developing an autoloader based on an "asian design". I think Nexter know that the chances of their 140mm being chosen for the MGCS are slim compared to Rhm's 130mm. So they are edging their bets by reminding Rhm that as far as autoloader goes they have more know how than them, and choose a scalable (Autoloaded and SCALable Outperforming guN) solution to make sure that it may work with Rhm's gun as well. The fact that Nexter chose a CTA solution is also probably a way to push Rhm out of the munition
  3. Very loosely fit in the thread but the new song for the 93rd mountain artillery regiment is unconventional^^
  4. What ammunition does the M48A3Ks currently use? The main limitation of the M48 is probably it's 90mm, which is fine against most AFV, but will struggle against even vanilla T-55 and T-62 in service in NK. I know that AML 90 and ERC 90 Sagaie have been engaged against T-54/55 in Israel and in Africa and sometimes defeated their armor, if barely. So a 90mm can probably pack enough punch to defeat a T-55 or a T-62 frontally, especially using modern ammo. But since 90mm were replaced fairly quickly by a 105 mm amongst most NATO members, I don't know how much efforts were
  5. The UK aim to increase their maximum number of warhead by 40% https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2021/mar/15/cap-on-trident-nuclear-warhead-stockpile-to-rise-by-more-than-40
  6. Asked myself the same question, looking at the video below at 0:49 I guess it is because it seem to be mounted on a testing platform (still weird though): The render of the ship below show it positioned normally
  7. To be fair if you manage to accumulate 3000 points in RB, either your team already won the game anyway, or your team completely collapsed and you got most of the kills (which allow you to actually not get screwed over by a terrible team). The amount of points needed to spawn the bomb can always be adjusted if needed.
  8. It was only used on Emirati's Leclerc, French army version never used ERA to my knowledge : The urban fighting kit Azur, used by the French and Emirati armies, doesn't use ERA but composite skirts (likely NERA) combined with cage armor : As far as I know, the only time GIAT/Nexter proposed ERA for the Leclerc was for the "Leclerc 2015" project, and only on the turret roof to protect the tank against top attack in combination with 4 hard-kill launchers placed at the corners of the turret : It never went anywhere
  9. I think it has partly to do with the Suffren class still being built. The first of its class (Suffren) only launched last year and is still in trial while number 2 and 3 (Duguay-Trouin and Tourville) are being built right now. There are 3 others to build after that and the whole program is already 3 years late IIRC. The last ship of the class, Casabianca, should have been laid down in 2020. The building where they are being assembled can only hold 2 full length hulls at the same time while the sections are constructed elsewhere before being welded together. Photo f
  10. Third gen SSBN program for the French navy officially launched K22 reactor (evolution of the K15 that will equip the next carrier as well) 16 Modernized M51 missiles 4 heavy torpedo tubes 150 m long 15 000 ton submerged 100 sailors First steel cut in 2023 First delivery in 2035 Class completely phased out by 2090
  11. I don't have the technical know how either to judge how far they can go with this idea. But I have to agree with you that at the very least it's not trivial (or it would have been done before).
  12. RAF is funding a project of a modular training jet : http://aeralis.com/ Basically the idea as I understand it, is to have a common airframe for which you could switch the wings, engines (singe, twin, large single) as well as the cockpit (single/double). Apparently it would allow to use a single platform for all the stages of jet training, reducing possession costs by 30% according to the manufacturer. I don't know if this has been done before, but the idea to make a military jet modular certainly has merits especially for countries that can't afford to
  13. Egypt apparently received their first SCALP cruise missiles and Talios targeting pods for their Rafales The sale had been blocked since 2018 by the US through ITAR regulations (some components of the missiles being manufactured in the US). Some sources says that the restriction were lifted by the US, others that MBDA finally managed to bypass the ITAR regulation by developing alternative components (which is an ongoing effort in the French defence industry as a whole). Not sure how many missiles will be delivered, back in 2015 discussions were about 50
  14. Bunch of archive footage, which for most I never saw before, on synthwave music
  15. AFAIK, 35 mm AHEAD on the Oerlikon millenium are already quite anaemic and it need to compensate with a burst rate of fire of 1000 rds/min. So while airburst ammunition exist for calibres as small as 20 mm their charge isn't particularly effective as far as I know (which is admittedly not much on such small calibres)
  16. Appart from the 40mm CTA, none that I can think off. To be even remotely useful it would need to be at least a 35mm in order to have some kind of programmable ammunition. It is likely that it is at least a 12,7 mm like on the Leclerc, high caliber coax have been a constant on french MBT designs since the AMX 30. That said since the turret is likely unmanned, the problem of ammunition capacity that existed on the AMX 30 may not be a problem anymore (you could just store the ammo externally). But on the other hand limiting the caliber to 20-25 mm exclude the use of pro
  17. Not sure either, the RCWS should be a 7,62 and the coax looks a bit big for an HMG. Given that the French have history with coax autocannon I guess it could be possible.
  18. Some artist models on the French vision for the MGCS : Three different versions: Canon which shows a large caliber coax which seem to have en independent elevation (so back to the AMX-30) C² : Command and Control which seem to have a 40mm Missile: Same autocanon as a secondary than the canon version, 6 missiles ready and no RCWS Found on a video from DGA: https://scorpion-future.fr/ Not much change from previous drawings:
  19. DGA put out a website on Scorpion, as well as all the subsytems and technology in it and it's replacement (Titan). If you click on one of the title on top of the video it'll make a list of the projects and systems related to it appear. Clicking on one of them will make more informations appear below the main video. https://scorpion-future.fr/ The video can't be embed, and I couldn't find it on youtube but made some screenshot: MAC and VBAE: Some impressions of the MGCS according to the French vision:
  20. Quatari air force: Video: http://www.opex360.com/2020/12/17/le-qatar-a-mobilise-presque-tous-ses-avions-rafale-dans-un-exercice-de-type-elephant-walk/
  21. 70 000-75 000 t 285-295 m lenght 2x K22 reactors (220 MW thermal) : 80 MW for propulsion (spread on 3-4 shafts) 110 MW total (?) Max speed of 26-27 knt (same as CdG) Air wing: 32 naval-NGF ; 2-3 E-2D Hawkeyes ; unspecified number of UCAV : Air wing is about the same size than the one of the CdG but the NGF is projected to be a much bigger aircraft than the Rafale to the point that it was what determined the size of the carrier. 2 lifts (40 t) Three EM catapults (90 m long) Crew of about 2000 (same than on CdG) SeaFire radar PAAMS Aster for
  22. And the vision of Naval Group (in charge of the design study). Edit: More pics from different angles in this thread:
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