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  1. Lol. The good old soviet time. Always better when unknown.
  2. And BAE will provide an ARV from its ACV too. (Already in the article, my bad)
  3. At the Bastille day, today, in front of the Paris city hall, display of the new range of medium force AFV : Griffon, Serval and Jaguar.
  4. The VBCI Philoctete. https://www.edrmagazine.eu/nexters-vbci-philoctetes-unveiled-at-defea
  5. The mission extender is not the Scarabée but the trailer. the trailer is autonomous. Can be controled from a vehicle. Can carry mission load. Two or three trailers can form a train.
  6. « Mission extender » autonomous trailer concept from the DGA :
  7. I’m not sure we can regard Pereg Rakham as gormless vehicles. They developed a generic architecture for Merkava rebuild platform to perform different tasks. What is your proposal to provide a repair vehicle ? A new batch of photos at work :
  8. This is not the Ofek but a Pereg (popy). This is a maintenance and repair vehicle. I can’t remind the full name of the platform but I can search.
  9. LOL. make my day.
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