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  1. I don’t know why but I think Nexter knows its job. They are serious in tank barrel and ammo.
  2. ASCALON is a general tank ammunition devoted concept. Everybody is talking about the 140mm because nobody’s giving attention to the NEXTER press release. ASCALON can be offer in whatever calibre the customer wants. So the point now is to determine the optimum one. It can be 130, 140, 133 or any other figure. Let us remind the beginning of the French CTA. It started at 45mm. It was reduced to 40mm and it’s still a CTA. So, the main point to take into account is the French analysis : « more powerful than today’s 120mm can no more be off a classical design. » « Rheinmetall 130mm is doomed
  3. Something new. Ascalon. https://andrei-bt.livejournal.com/1819865.html?
  4. What is the foreseeable future of M48A3K ? Is there any successor ? The K21-105 ?
  5. Yes. Spike LR2 is said to have problems.
  6. KF41 can reach 8 dismounts. They just have to ask for.
  7. If I remind me well : - KF41 seats are from Schroth ; - AS21 seats are from Mobius.
  8. In my memory, it was clear. The MCCC is calling for : - required 6 dismounts ; - desired 8 dismounts.
  9. Smart I better understand. thank you.
  10. Interesting : https://m.ynet.co.il/articles/58943360
  11. Just for consistency https://defence-blog.com/news/army/germany-to-add-israeli-active-protection-system-to-is-leopard-2-tanks.html
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