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  1. More on the T-2000: https://asiapacificdefencereporter.com/eos-continues-to-build-sovereign-live-fire-test-capability/
  2. More images of the representative & somewhat agricultural CR3 Trophy fit.
  3. I’m going to hide behind a technicality: there’s a MIV on the RBSL stand adjacent their CR3 3 w/Trophy.
  4. Ah least three Boxers will be on display at DSEI: a straight MIV, RCH155, & the bridge module.
  5. Good clarifying information @SH_MM : I guess we’ll see. One thing is certain (need to find the link) is that only 17 kits/conversions have been funded. Contrast that with the Abrams fit where several battalion sets have been purchased. We’ve also seen the Abrams fit out on M1A1 FEP & M1A2 SEPv2, which demonstrates the modularity of the base tank, as well as the kit.
  6. Only available on 17, specifically modified tanks, whereas the Abrams kit is modular + appliqué, similar in concept to TUSK.
  7. They fixed the mountings, dummy or not, and finished assembly. Attachment of the live units uses mounting blocks on the stowage racks, similar to TUSK2. Here’s the display-ready one:
  8. Update on Ajax provided to Parliament. https://questions-statements.parliament.uk/written-statements/detail/2021-09-06/hcws260 - testing still paused - no schedule to resolve issues or declare IOC Seems somewhat untidy.
  9. Seems like drawings of an AS21?
  10. Not yet. NIOA is likely to be the only producer of any 30x173mm for both Mk44 & Mk30-2. The local ammunition production angle is a little off the mark, imo - the real point is interoperability. The ADF routinely operates alongside US but the Boxer’s gun can’t use in-service US 30mm ammunition. Local production is important, as is interoperability. For a news article, “not made here” is an easier sell. Flashbacks to Baghdad 2003 when Australian ASLAV crews were let down by the ADF logistic system & had source 25mm ammunition for their M242 guns from the US Army’s 3rd Infantry Division.
  11. NIOA’s precinct isn’t producing anything, yet. The 30mm link used only fits in the Mk30 gun & is proprietary to Rheinmetall.
  12. I reiterate: the NIOA’s Benalla plant is not up and running. The 30mm RDA ammunition it has delivered via the MMC to date is 100% imported.
  13. NIOA’s Benalla plant isn’t up & running yet. “30mm” listed on the MMC doesn’t specify whether it’s 30x113mm (for Tiger or the soon-to-come AH-64E) or 30x173mm, nor does it specify the nature (service, practice etc.), nor does it specify who’s ammunition is being made. You’re putting a lot of stock in “30mm” on a website to mean “Rheinmetall’s proprietary 30x173mm ammunition for the Mk30-2/ABM is/will being/be manufactured by NIOA at Benalla via their MMC contract vehicle.”
  14. *according to some in this thread.
  15. Boxer - specifically Lance - isn’t up to the job, reportedly.
  16. Boxer issues down under. Dozens of combat reconnaissance vehicles face serious technical issues, posing a threat to the $5.6 billion project The vehicle's turrets are vulnerable to missile attacks as they are too heavy to add anti-missile protection Defence privately threatened manufacturer Rheinmetall with listing the CRV as a project of concern https://www.abc.net.au/news/2021-08-11/army-boxer-light-armoured-vehicle-delays-turret/100343228
  17. Apparently a tracked vehicle that uses Boxer modules is in the works.
  18. Some in Australia, too, looks like.
  19. Liking the Flintstones cam on the Lynx:
  20. Mooted - now muted 😂
  21. RMA video of progress to date.
  22. Some stills: Cage armour. cheers.
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