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  1. Nice display of hospital bombing you got there. Only in Russia I guess...
  2. Hisar-O+ test firing at a target at the max range (not specified) https://twitter.com/IsmailDemirSSB/status/1369201812411154433 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R9lN6LOiRdU
  3. Ejder Yalcin (Gidran) fitted with RCWS, gunshot detection system, all-round camera's and (smoke) grenade launchers.
  4. The armor coverage on the gunners and commmanders side is even worse than previously thought...
  5. Losses in manpower are not documented in Oryx's count. Solely material losses. The nature for the skewed losses in material is caused by a number of factors of which IMO are: Whether one is attacking vs defending, the terrain, the amount of defensive positions, artillery support, logistical support and above all the technological disparity between the two sides. This conflict was quite different to that of Ukraine or any conventional mechanized clash between (near)peers. The Azeri's had overwhelming technological superiority in the form of tactical UCAV's, kamikaze drones and NL
  6. Not that I know of. But looking at the development time that is contracted for the 900-1000hp (UTKU) engine until ready for serial production the 1500hp could have a comparable development time (68 months) of which 36 months still remain. https://www.defenceturkey.com/en/content/bmc-received-contract-for-series-production-of-altay-mbt-and-its-power-pack-3130 But in a very recent interview, the director of the company tasked to develop these engines (BMC Power) stated that in a wartime scenario they could skip the whole testing and integration phase a
  7. Lots of AFV development coming out of Turkey. Apart from the vehicles themselves, they are also focusing on powerpacks with various power outputs. 380hp, 600hp diesel engines are fielded or ready to be used. 360hp, 450hp, 530hp, 630hp and 1000hp engines all from different companies (BMC and Tumosan) are currently being tested with the 1500hp engine going to be ignited for the first time in coming April/May. If they succeed in achieving all of this, the tank engine market will get another competitor with less stringent user requirements which will make the few companies in this sect
  8. Thought I would post the link to Oryx's blog: https://www.oryxspioenkop.com/2020/09/the-fight-for-nagorno-karabakh.html Total loss ratio Armenia vs Azerbaijan according to visually confirmed sources: 8,5-1 A decisive victory for Azerbaijan. This war has shown the importance of air power, both defensively and offensively.
  9. Ground launched Tomahawk happened. https://www.dvidshub.net/video/703577/dod-conducts-ground-launched-cruise-missile-test edit: bigger picture So the Russians were right when they complained about the land aegis system capability to launch land attack cruise missiles. Great... what a world we live in
  10. I saw that track-throwing on the livestream. Whereas the rest of the tanks reaches 65-67 km/h and the Chinese one 71 km/h, the Russian T-72B3 reaches an astonishing 77 km/h!! After closer examination of that tank I conclude that the Russians are cheating again. IMO, they took a T-72B3M with the more powerful engine (1130hp) and took of the commander's independent sight to mask the tank as an ordinary T-72B3. You can see the covered hole of the commanders sight on the Russian tanks but not on the other participants tanks.
  11. That running gear looks quite flimsy for such a big IFV. When it drove of the ramp with low speed, the front sprockets hit the ground. I wouldn't want to imagine what would happen at higher speeds. This amphibious race will either be very fun or very boring to watch...
  12. Come on guys, this LEOCLERCtm is obviously just to show the world that Germans and French can indeed cooperate on tank design, how small and lack of innovation of this LEOCLERCtm is. Let us see what they have in store in a couple years, granted that the cooperation lasts...
  13. A true treasure that has been found. Finally some official figures about armor values.
  14. I would rather sit in an Abrams being a couple tonnes heavier and a top speed of a few km/h slower, than in a leopard 2
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