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  1. The exposed mess underneath doesn't seem too surprising. I've only seen a handful of images like that though the same few show up alot alongside those famous images of a totally unzipped Abrams. I'm actually not sure how many images of that there are or whether it's the same tank from a few different angles. Either way though, it seems like that kind of damage is actually pretty common for those tanks that do see combat. Plenty of images with absolutely trashed T tanks. Then awhile back there were all those poor Leopard 2A4's.
  2. Yeah this is what I'm wondering now. I'd seen the exposed NERA before but I assumed the other image was something else entirely. I suppose an end plate or "courtesy bra" does make sense. I always thought it looked like steel with some slots dug through it and wondered how that didn't make the vehicle extremely heavy.
  3. Oh wow really? I've never seen NERA packed so closely like that. Then again I don't exactly get to see tons of actual photographs of NERA anyway.
  4. Hey y'all, long time no see. I Thought I understood the premise of perforated armor, but earlier today I realized I probably don't. I thought perforated armor was just supposed to damage/decelerate a projectile as it passed through, but then I realized that I thought that's what spaced armor is for, so what's the difference. I also realized I may not really know what perforated armor is at all. I realized that I simultaneously associate two fairly different images with perforated armor. I imagine this as just breaking small projectiles as they hit it. But then there's this which appears to have slots all throughout it, which is more of what I think of when I think of something being perforated, but this doesn't look like it really serves the same purpose, nor do I have any idea what purpose this does serve now that I think about it. So what am I missing about perforated armor(and whatever one of these things is if not perforated armor)?
  5. Well crap, that was like the coolest ERA and now it's the lamest ERA :I Ah well, at least it 'splodes good.
  6. On the topic of different types of shaped charges. I seem to remember awhile back reading about cumulative jets and non-cumulative jets, but I rarely see anyone make the distinction. I have source amnesia so I have no guarantee that it's a legitimate thing, but assuming it is, what is the difference in functionality, construction etc between charges that produce cumulative vs non cumulative jets? If this is complex enough to warrant its own topic let me know.
  7. Ok so that was a bit worse than I thought. I assumed when he mentioned the ERA that he just didn't realize the Arjun II was seperate, they are on the same wikipedia article afterall. . . The fact that the wikipedia article says the Mk II has compartmentalized ammo (dunno if it does) speaks to him reading the wikipedia article and not realizing there are two versions, or maybe he just doesn't distinguish. But yeah, I thought he was above stuff like "rifled guns are more accurate." I don't want to just beat up on him, but it is kindof annoying that he propagates stuff like this to people that think of him as an expert; that's 40+ thousand people that will believe this stuff on their deathbed. Could be worse though, like so much worse.
  8. Yeah this is pretty much how I feel. I've watched him play Steel Beasts for awhile and just don't use him for tank information. He's no expert, but at least he doesn't make any radical claims, he falls into common traps like 'Challenger 2 is best tenk' but I don't think he's ever said anything that made me have to just get off the internet for a day. Also hi, am also new here and couldn't find the forum rules until just now :x
  9. "beamed the fuck down" is probably the best wording for that I've seen so far. Although when you say "As it is" are you saying the final version had carbs instead of injection? That would be news to me, but I'm not arguing, just seeking clarification.
  10. Is the stuff on that M60's turret supposed to be ERA? One giant ERA block for each turret cheek seems a bit odd.
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