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  1. 4 minutes ago, Donward said:

    Civilians can purchase hazardous radioactive military hardware at any Army Navy Surplus store.




    Huffington Post writers be like....





    Careful, next thing you know and the US gets a huge bout of paranoia like Germany and suddenly closes all nuclear plants because hurr durrr "green" parties.

  2. 17 hours ago, Belesarius said:

    Nifty.  This is one of those reasons why I think the F-35 is such a paradigm shift.



    IMO, this excerpt is even more interesting:



    The Kilo battery Marines strapped the HIMARS down in the belly of an Air Force MC-130 on its way to Dugway Proving Grounds, Utah.

    When the aircraft landed the Marines rolled the HIMARS out, fired a total of four shots at two targets and then returned to the aircraft and flew back to Fort Campbell, Kentucky.

    Gives new meaning to "shoot and scoot".

  3. "Any day now"


    http://airforcemag.com/Features/Pages/2018/August 2018/Two-Years-On-Goldfein-Says-Operations-Show-F-35-a-Game-Changer.aspx



    Among the newest Block 3F F-35s, Goldfein said squadrons are turning in mission capable rates of 80 percent, which is higher than USAF standards and far better than aircraft at this level of maturity. 



    Comparing notes with his counterpart, Marine Corps Commandant Gen. Robert Neller, Goldfein said both are seeing the same readiness levels “at home and deployed.” 


    I thought DOT&E said there's no way fleet-wide availability can rise any time soon?

  4. 1 minute ago, Collimatrix said:

    If any variant is handicapped it's the C, thanks to the larger, less swept wing.  The wing does give it an edge in subsonic turn rates, and more importantly carrier landing characteristics, but it also screws up the area ruling and makes transonic drag rise happen earlier.

    No, it has better wing loading, therefore better at everything.


  5. I can't believe people still claim A and B variant are "handicapped" because of B's lift fan. Is googling "F-35 variants" so flipping hard?!

    I mean, it may have been a funny meme once upon a time, but by god has it overstayed its welcome.



    I've decided to make this and leave it here, maybe someone might find it useful.



  6. 3 hours ago, Jägerlein said:

    Depends on the intended role. A jet can be to heavy to be a fighter and yet to flimsy for a ground attack role.

    Because an F-35 is going to do ground support from below 1000 feet (not that the A-10 does much of that as well once you hang Hellfires and LGBs from it).

    What's next, judging an A-10 by its ability to go supersonic?

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