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  1. Thank you, that sucks a bit! Also, would you know where the Leclerc protection info (350-430 mm KE for turret) is coming from and if they are legit or not ?
  2. Not sure if this has been shared before but Auto_Tracking brought it to our attention on the WT forum. I am not sure whether it is authentic or not:
  3. Here are the diagrams for the heavy side skirts and the mantlet: Heavy Side Skirts: Mantlet:
  4. The entire project and all these estimates contained within are based on: pictures. video screen caps. scaled blue prints of the exterior of the vehicle that include the dimensions of the vehicle. the Tamiya model (which is based on measurements of a Leclerc Serie 2 vehicle). visual guesses with plenty of interpolation and referencing. basic geometric tricks via CAD using pictures, what is known about French and Western MBT design. images of the CAD model by DarkLabor (in part). documents dealing with ammunition size. swedish
  5. Here are my conventional steel plate thickness estimates for the Leclerc S1: I will discuss the heavy side skirts and the mantlet some more in the next update.
  6. You mean the other images on the page ? I am not totally sure how to resolve these "flaps" any other way without making it worse.
  7. 1) I did not bother to go into details with the air handling/conditioning unit because it was not part of objective and I did not have enough information to go by. If you have more detailed information so i can complete /correct the AHU I would be grateful if you could provide it to me. 2) I was not trying to go into details here given the lack of information. I wanted to give the approximate size and location of the mechanism. Could you please elaborate on what part seems to be off? 3) I still do not understand this part. 4) The mantlet setup was derived using t
  8. After feedback, it might be best to differentiate between different types of "special armor" regions. I am very certain the turret bustle special armor (orange) is not the same as the primary special armor (red) or the side front hull special/spaced (?) armor (green):
  9. I do not understand what i should correct. Could you please explain ? From what i gathered from the picture, among other things, was that the lower boundary of the special armor bays 1) seems to be level with the hull floor and 2) the lower edge of the front hull is more or less the lower boundary of the special armor bays.
  10. Here is the turret of the model from another angle: The front turret is of the series 1 tanks. This changed in series 2 and again with series XXI. Darklabor made these a while ago to illustrate the changes: The uneven line of sight thickness of the left front hull side flap have also concerned me. As you can see the right side flap has a more even distribution (mainly because of the fuel tanks). As you said these side "flaps" might just be spaced armor. The swedish tank trial
  11. Oh, yes ! I used a high res scan of that image to get my lower boundaries for the front hull inserts among other things.
  12. Here are some images and diagrams that show the elevation mechanishm. The main components are located underneat the main gun in front of the breech block. I tried to be as generic as possible without compromising the actual shape of the mechanism as much as possible. Froggy and DarkLabor helped quite a bit with images and some general information.
  13. These images come from the book "Char Leclerc: De la guerre froide aux conflits de demain" by Marc Chassillan.
  14. The HL-70 CIV, HL-60 GPS and periscopes (bright green): Gun elevation mechanism (blue) and turret traverse mechanism (salmon):
  15. Here is a diagram with the crew (blue) and special armor volumes (red) highlighted. Spaced armor (i.e. mantlet, heavy side skirts, right front hull, etc.) is not highlighted:
  16. Yes, this piece gave me trouble and I had reservations of this being part of the fuel tank system because of the awkward location and shape. Taking a closer look of the image of the frunt hull special armor bay I have come to the conclusion that this colume is most likely taken up by the the special armor array. Like this update: This seems to be a far cleaner solution and simplifies the design. 4-5 liters of fuel would not be worth the hassle of putting a "mini" fuel tank in that location: This is a far cleaner and simpler design sol
  17. After some feedback and taking a closer look at an image of the front hull special armor bays, I made a small change to the left sponson fuel cell and removed the little flap near the special armor inserts. It seems that this spot is taken up by the special armor insert. At 0,0045 m3 this is a small but still a somewhat important change. I will update the images accordingly. Oof.
  18. The book Le Systeme Leclerc, former Leclerc tank commander Froggy, and indirect hints of there being a fuel tank. Looking at the image, that sponson fuel tank is bound by the storage box and special armor to the right of it and the CDF on the left.
  19. This also confused me for a while when i saw this: and this: I was thinking for a while that there were two different kind of muzzle barrels. After a while i realized that the barrel in the second image just didnt have the M2HB mounted. duuhh!
  20. Since the aim of this project is to estimate the vulnerability of the Leclerc Series 1, the suspension is not as detailed as the rest. I was thinking once I get the vulnerability maps done and have some time on my hand I will go back to flesh out the suspension. Concerning the Browning, i took extra care to use technical drawings and other 3d models as a reference. The size, shape and proportions should be reasonably close to the real M2HB. Either way, If you have more detailed information dealing with the length,shape and size of the M2HB I would be grateful if you could share it
  21. For the mean time: Updated Special Armor Locations: Fuel Tank Locations: Main Gun Ammunition Locations: Crew Locations: Armament Locations: Powerpack Location:
  22. There seems to be a ammunition magazine in the location you highlighted:
  23. Thank you Wiedzmin ! The images and the link are very helpful. Sadly some of the images are no longer available or no longer available in their full size. Either way, the ones that are available are definitely very useful to me. I will incorporate the revelations into my model. I am still not sure where this mystery fuel tank is supposed to be.
  24. Yes like this, three plastic fuel cells ! Fuel cell number 4 is the one structural fuel cell behind the driver: I will add the third plastic fuel cell behind the ammunition drum to the model. By the way , from where did you get the last picture? Do you happen to have more of those that you could share?
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