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  1. Be careful with this and also the post in the Stug III thread. These are the recommendations from the Budget Committee and yet nothing set in stone. At the end of the day only what's written in the final financial budget counts and for these things to happen. All these things were already discussed in November ,even if the document was only released yesterday. So these were the proposals which were taken into the "Bereinigungsausschuss" and were not accepted. Sadly. These are the actual additions to the first budget version: https://augengeradeaus.net/2020/11/verteidigungshaushalt-2021-
  2. “In addition, MUSS 2.0 will be even smaller and lighter than before” sounds like retrofitting is no practical problem. But it also sounds like the hardware is changed what in turn means it won't be as cheap as a software update. 41Pumas for VJTF for over 400m € shows how fast "small technical things" get expensive. I still don't get it got so expensive and how much of it are R&D costs which benefit the rest of the fleet, too .
  3. Any chance for implementation on the 210 Pumas of the batch that was apprived last year?
  4. You are probably right. My concern is just a bit fueled by the recent - since early July - ramp up in negative press about Orban including two articles about "Hungary militarizing with german weapons" inter alia in Der Spiegel. Usually nobody cares about weapon exports inside the EU and Covid is probably to present for such a thing to draw attention.
  5. This was literally my first thought when reading it. If this thing does not go below the radar because of the Factory is in HU and the Bundestag - well mainly the opossition - want's to have a word about exporting such things to "Orban's regime" it might get messy like certain Turkey deals. But it might as well slip through since it were the days of Sigmar Gabriel as Minister for Economy which damaged the German reputation in this area the most. And these days are gone.
  6. You see the 5 Stripes on his shoulders? This translates into "willing workdrone with limited consciousness"
  7. And because I stumbled across it, here the versions which will be in german service: Leopard 2 A5 (@ Gefechts Übungs Zentrum) Leopard 2 A6 MA2 (@ DE/NL PzBtl. 414) Leopard 2 A6 A3 (brought to the same operating concept as A7 as a preparation for the switch to A7) Leopard 2 A7 (Addition V gets removed like Rico said). The first two A7V are converted A7 while the remaining 18 A7 will be the last ones to be upgraded. The A4 conversions of the A4 started this yearand will take untill 2023 - the turrets are (re)build in Kassel and this is the bottleneck of the industries capacity. Unti
  8. @KaramazovIn march this year additional 101 A7V were ordered, so alltogether 205.Afair the A7V upgrade also includes a stronger APU, the same like the A7Q uses. Furthermore at least the older A4s will receive the L55A1 instead of the L44 in the process. This enables the tank to use the programmable fuze of the DM11 HE which replaces the DM12 HEAT-MZ and other future programmable ammunitions (KE2020?). No Idea if or how many of the second order shall be refitted wit the L55A1. This press release:http://www.bundeswehr-journal.de/2017/rheinmetall-beginnt-panzerumruestung-auf-leopard-2-a7v/#mor
  9. Today the first Leopard 2A7V was handed over to the Bundeswehr by KMW. The troops must still be a bit patient since the first went to the BAAINBw ( BWB was just to easy *sigh*). More pictures: https://www.kmweg.de/mediacenter/pressebilder.html While Germany got it's first of 104 A7V which will be delivered untill 2023, Denmark received it's first of 44 A7 which will be delivered untill 22. source:https://www.kmweg.de/fileadmin/user_upload/news/KMW_Pressemitteilung_Daenemark_und_Deutschland_erhalten_modernste_Versionen_des_LEOPARD_2.pdf
  10. MARAD claims that Iran was fucking around with GPS and false radio contacts: source: https://www.maritime.dot.gov/content/2019-012-persian-gulf-strait-hormuz-gulf-oman-arabian-sea-red-sea-threats-commercial-vessels
  11. Well obviously somebody forgot to tell the canadians that the leopard had no space to grow. Not Magach7 level but still a grown up cat.
  12. In 2017 a deal was signed to upgrade 68 Leopard 2 A4, 16 Leopard 2 A6 and 20 Leopard 2 A7 to A7V standard. While only the 68 A4 will be fitted with the L/55A1 because their gun must be changed anyways. And now there is an additional contract to upgrade 101 A6 an A6MA2 to a standard "similar"1 to the A7V. Together 205 A7V or "alike", further 32 are mothballed to serve as a basis for future modifications like bridge layers. Any idea what version(s) the remaining 91 are (328 total -104-101-32) ? 1" 101 Kampfpanzert Leopard 2 der Varianten A6M A2 und A6 sollen auf ei
  13. I...doubt, thar Hilmes mixed up something in this matter. He did a bit more than "just writing about" the Leopard 2 upgrades.
  14. Some WW.II Field Manuals of the Kriegsmarine. ( alike for Luftwaffe and Heer) Merkbücher über die Munition, Munitionsvorschriften, Zündervorschriften and some Dienstvorschriften dealing with EOD and chemical warfare http://michaelhiske.de II. Weltkrieg => Deuschland
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