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  1. It's confirmed that Syrian air defenses have finally scored:
  2. http://www.malaysiandefence.com/shepard-says-malaysia-bought-javelins/ Shephard Media is claiming that the Malaysian Army has purchased Javelins
  3. European F-35 buyers to collaborate to reduce running costs Israel is counted as European for the purposes of this article
  4. http://now.eloqua.com/es.asp?s=966913078&e=388924&elqTrackId=4c85114565b64dab9d00441ca5178163&elq=53b262b2a3874aed80027b081cce41d7&elqaid=16343&elqat=1&elqCampaignId=13994#1 Non-paywalled version of Aviation Week's How F-35 Experience Could Reduce Hurdles To Developing Fighters, read and scrape while you can
  5. VFA-125 F-35C damaged after ingesting debris from aerial refueling basket
  6. USS Abraham Lincoln and USS Harry S. Truman on dual-carrier sustainment and qualification operations in the western Atlantic Ocean
  7. Something exploded at Khalkhalah Air Base Official line apparently is EOD of ISIS kit.
  8. The Pentagon has cut aid to Pakistan over militant ties
  9. Alexander Zakharchenko is dead - the cafe he was in got blown up. https://meduza.io/en/news/2018/08/31/cafe-bombing-kills-separatist-leader-in-eastern-ukraine
  10. This global warming thing might just be a cause for concern
  11. Following the nose gear collapse, another F-35 had a bird strike
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