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  1. Even the headlights, I guess it is a Mk3 you probably know better
  2. I think I lost you, are you suggesting the Ofek is based of the Mk3? In what pic can you see it's serial number?
  3. Golani do that, I've posted one of them on a trailer a while back, tho I don't think they have trophy on them
  4. Something bigger than both it seemed, and the style was more so Namer-like, This guy knows Sadly idk, sorry I feel like a tease, but I wasn't gonna climb on top of it in the middle of thier exercise xD I've also came across this fella
  5. Just a nagmash pikud, a quick Google search tells me it's called M577 in english as someone said. I didn't go inside the Ofek for obvious reasons, but from what I've seen it looked nothing ground breaking just a heavier nagmash pikud. I know littile of command APCs to be honest. The guy in the pic is trying the refuel the damn thing, considering the two back refueling ports are gone due to the superstructure, it took him some time xD
  6. I don't think so, it is a zelda, but it's fucking weird
  7. https://postimg.cc/image/l3kiseo17/
  8. What's it called and where I can I see live coverage of it?
  9. Is there a digital version of the Hebrew original?
  10. That might be housings for antennas, although it doesn't look like the usual
  11. For you Zy, upper is a Nagmpodon, lower is a Nagmachon
  12. A bit more historically themed - a Magach (6?) Of the 46th battalion during the 1982 Lebanon war sporting dual coax 50 cals
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