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  1. yeah, u are right Some russian Ural-based MRAP. May be early model or somethink
  2. Thanks. That is, was planned he consumed a full tank of fuel every 8 hours.
  3. Does anyone have more or less reliable information on the cruising range of the M1A2 tanks? This became interesting against the background of unverified information that in Iraq they were refueled every 150km.
  4. what time are these photos taken? is it a bradley with a new suspension?
  5. By the way, is there a difference between M-84AB1 and AS? or the difference is only in the name? I remember that the "AS" has a panoramic sight over the main sight. But "AB1" - not.
  6. No, that's right, this is a deep modernization of the Yugoslav M-84 in Serbia with the assistance of Russia. It is easy to distinguish it from the T-90A in the lower glacis part The 90A have lgp like this: On the T-90A there are mounts for engineering mechanisms, but on the M-84 they are not.
  7. After all, how to distinguish them? Maybe you have some photos?
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