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  1. Greetings, I have been studying in the battle of Afrin since it started. Yet I still lack some information that can clearly analyse the opposite plan, war progress and order of battle of both side (Turkey army clear but YPG isn’t). I am spectacular interested in the process of the battle as it revealed the true strength of the 2nd largest NATO army. Also, the performance of YPG/YPJ militant against the regular modern army is meaningful to modern warfare study too. Hence, any kind man can help me on this field or even just give out a reading list?
  2. Greetings I am Darjeeling and I come from Hong Kong. Recently as Turkey launched the OB so I investigate in the TAF as I am a apoist. The following article will mainly focus on the best armoured unit of TAF. All the data are collected from internet and I need help to complete it. [Introduction on armour unit organisation] Turkish tank brigades included three tank battalions while in the mechanised brigades just 1 tank battalion. Each tank battalion consists of 41 tanks. The staff and management team consists of 2 tanks, 39 armored rest distributed to 3 tank Wrotham. Each tank company consists of 13 tanks while 1 tank company commander and platoon 4 to 3 tanks. Since the showing the TO&E of all armoured units should be too long, the following will only present some "Ace armoured unit". ===== Version 1.1 Welcome for any suggestions/addition on this issue 1)M60T units M60T is a modernised M-60 which is capable with T-72s. Turkey utilizing large numbers of these tanks have been seen deploying to the southern border in the previous years. They were used during incursions into Syria and Iraq in earlier operations to combat Kurdish forces in both nations. Here are what I confirmed: - 5th Armoured Brigades (Confirmed in internet data) - 20th Armoured Brigades (Confirmed in internet data) - 172nd Armoured Brigades (Confirmed in internet data) They are believed to have equipped with M60T. As each Turkey tank battalion consists of 41 tanks, a total of 123 out of 170 should have counted. I believe there maybe one brigades unknown. Example in real combat: >M60T act as spearhead and attaching a YPG town but being ambushed. Two tanks were destroyed. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=78lnBhcA_n0 2) Leopard 2 units Turkey has 354 of highly capable Leopard 2 German manufactured tanks. Leopard are currently deployed in Syria in OB and the previous OB. It is most likely that these more capable MBTs are with units tasked with guarding Turkey’s border with Russia and the Caucasus, where they would have to fight against a much more capable adversary. Here are what I confirmed: - 2nd Armoured Brigade (Confirmed in Operation ES as casualties) - 3th Armoured Brigade (Confirmed in the 2016 failed coup) - 5th Armoured Brigade (Confirmed in Operation OB as casualties) So it is obviously that more efforts needed to be done on Leo2. Only half of them counted. The Leo2a4 of TAF is the outdated version that it's last update is in 1992. So this explained why it performed so bad in ES. Total 10 tanks were confirmed lost in the battle and even captured by ISIS. Yet, while facing the poor equipped and trained YPG/J, only 3 Leo 2 was destroyed in OB. 2 was taken out because the engine was penetrated and taken out by Air Force (prevent captured by YPG/J). The only effort of YPG/J is penetrating a Leo 2 from flank and lead to the blow. Example in real combat: >Leo 2 receive a direct hit by YPG but it was not destroyed. High survivability showed. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=YafzmkvVRiI 3) M60A3 units M60A3 is a 2nd Gen-MBT in TAF. They are mostly used as supporting fire unit to assist the infantry. Yet, the performance of M60A3 relatively bad. Here are what I confirmed: - 16th Mechanised Brigade (Confirmed in Operation ES as casualties) - 39th Mechanised Brigade (Confirmed in Operation OB as casualties) Example in real combat: >M60A3 being hit as no soldiers protect it in ES https://m.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=28&v=pg-rbEC0jXI&ebc=ANyPxKqRFXar7bNqSS5wcCJspZFJMnyoQD0qixyUheJgMdLHy5q0eQakNmCBv16NSoGjfAoNbcP4cGDbJHXTpR7eJhobZW8EPw ————— PPS:This is my post about order of battle of OB about TAF https://www.reddit.com/r/syriancivilwar/comments/81nml8/keep_updateturkish_order_of_battle_of_ob_up_to/?st=JEE2UT1F&sh=d04daee9
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