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  1. I play later, closer to after work hours, and on weekends. I usually don’t wait more than 2-3 minutes.
  2. I crash less when playing the big fleet ships, which is great, and it’s easier to progress through the fleet. I’m already at type 1936 mob, and almost have the fletcher since the update dropped
  3. I’ll add more context later, but here’s what (I have figured out) NOT to do when designing your tank/ gun/ boat/ thing: 1. Don’t hyper fixate on one aspect or feature of your creation; get the idea into the rough area that you’re going for, then move on. Trying to get all those details perfect as you put them down will only slow you down, and drive you crazy. 2. Don’t make your ideas too small; make your creation 50-100mm longer/ wider/ taller (for vehicles) than you think it needs to be, I’ve found that it’s easier to make a thing smaller than it is to make them bigger.
  4. I suppose I should have specified that the tank was to have been riveted, because of the difficulty the Italians had with welding; my bad. That was my whole rationale when building her: “what did the Italians (and the axis in general) historically do to their vehicles, and how can I apply that to the T-28?” I took a couple pages from Alfred Becker and all the modified beutepanzers his workshop pumped out, as well as (previously mentioned) the late, uparmored Semoventes and the Pz.3M (copy what works). Midway through, I though about replacing/ modifiying the old
  5. Don’t worry, you’re not alone in that field @Toxn, although you did say contest winners, I could provide some advice on what NOT to do when making the tanks, if wanted.
  6. I don’t want to sound critical, I love the thing actually, but the autoloader seems a little to advanced for the Italians. The automatic rammer is great, similar spring-loaded systems were used on Japanese naval AA guns (12.7cm and 10cm type 89s), but the ammo hopper that feeds it is a little... post war-ish? It seems to forward thinking for what the Italians were using or even experimenting on at the time. The angled turret armor is also one of those things that is a “well duh” but no one ever used during the war, despite the heavy use of angled hull armor later, all the turrets (and any appl
  7. Are you sure the tank isn’t too advanced for Italian industry? I mean, they barely had a handle on welding by 1943...
  8. I updated my post on the other thread, again. New name and new armament, due to me missing/misunderstanding a competition requirement, as well as a small pseudo-historical blurb.
  9. Placed my updated, finalized submission in the other thread. Quite pleased with it, even if it's 1 ton heavier than planned (name updated to reflect the new weight). @Toxn, it can actually mount the Italian 120mm howitzers (120/21, 120/25, and 120/27) on this thing, there's enough room. However, none of those guns received HEAT, or even AP for that matter (that I can find), and the Italians don't appear to have produced HEAT shells for their 75-105mm guns until 1944 (probably due to German assistance). The leFH 16 is the best compromise of availability and firepower that I can com
  10. Carro Armato P 35/105 Length (hull): 7.44m Width: 2.87m (3.52m with skirt) Height: 2.9m Mass: 31.5 tonnes (+3.4 tonnes with applique) Armor (additional armor in parenthesis): Front Glacis: 45mm @ 53 degrees (+25mm) Lower Glacis: 30mm @ 23 degrees Hull Sides: 20mm (+8mm skirt)(+25mm upper hull sides) Hull Roof: 15mm Drivers Front Hatch: 60mm @ 53 degrees (+8mm) Drivers Roof Hatch: 15mm Turret Front: 60mm (+25mm) Forward Turret Sides: 30mm (+25mm) Rear Turret Sides: 30mm (+8mm
  11. My submission: "P 28/32" I used the T-28 hull and modified it by reworking the entire front and widening the turret ring to the side of the hull (it is now ~1.85m wide). The gun is an leFH 16 or leFH 18/1, German stock that is probably phased out of service by 1942-43 (the 16 was definitely not in front line service). Also, by this time, HEAT shells were starting to be added to inventory, which gives the tank the ability to engage the Sherman from the front, and from any range. As you guess by the name, the P means this tank is meant to support the M13s, 14s,
  12. Hmmm, a 4 person crew, yet at 2:50 it shows what looks like the autoloader.
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