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  1. Strange that the autoloader and gun breach are open to the outside; ice and sand aren’t going to mess with its operation?
  2. I’m not 100% sure how toxn’s statement was political... its historical fact that the Nazi’s were mass murderers. This doesn’t absolve or distract from the crimes-against-humanity of other states and governments; nor do the other states’ crimes justify what the Nazi’s did. They’re all horrible, and cherry-picking one as being “less horrible” is ridiculous and dishonest.
  3. I don’t know where else to ask this, but how is armor “repaired” after it has been holed? Like, a vehicle was penetrated, abandoned, but successfully retrieved. Do they just plate over the hole and call it a day, or cut out a fitting that’s the shape, size, and thickness of the hole, and weld it in? Or do they just remove the whole plate and place on a new one (as with riveted armors)?
  4. IIRC, someone said previously that the Panther influenced allied designs post war? I’m too lazy to go back through the comments, but it would seem that the KV-1 had more to do with post war allied tank development than the pzkfw. V, if you want to believe this article: https://warspot.net/300-voroshilov-abroad Rear transmission, turret bustle, and single torsion bar suspension are all things found in post war western tanks, and missing on the Panther (and pretty much all kraut-made tanks, except the King tiger and Pz.38(t), the pz.3’s having storage baskets mounted to the rear). The
  5. A 12 year construction time? They’re going to be obsolete by the time they leave the docks.
  6. Does the PL-01 have its own personal necromancer or something?
  7. They probably chose the chassis based (almost) entirely on its ability to keep up with the fastest combat vehicles in service.
  8. Olifant incoming. [Development] Olifant Mk1A: The Beast of Desert - News - War Thunder Not the more interesting Mk.1B (which will probably be a high tier premium, knowing Gaijin), but nice to see. Are the cages around the turrets smoke grenades to keep the launchers from being pulled off by thick foliage?
  9. @Toxn [Video] Teaser for "Ixwa Strike" Major Update! - News - War Thunder More Sef efrican vehicles comming soon. I noticed the Ratel and Rooikat SPAA
  10. I’m going to assume “AMX-63” is actually the AMX-30, named after the estimated year it was designed?
  11. Off topic, but do you plan to make posts on these like you did the “interwar Czech bits”?
  12. Let’s all take a breath, mates; it’s getting a little heated in here, and we’re better than that. I think arguing about whether the 7.5cm KwK42 or 75mm M3 is the better weapon is like arguing whether the M1 Thompson or the Kar98k is a better gun. They’re quite different, the M3 being (effectively) a lengthened howitzer that can use AP shells, while the KwK is a dedicated anti tank weapon. A better comparison would be the 76mm M1 (or 17 pdr) which was an anti tank weapon from the start.
  13. I thought this was the basic thinking of the whole competition.
  14. What’s the point of a 27mm gun when there are 2 perfectly fine 30mm guns in service, and a variety of 25mm guns to choose from?
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