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  1. Are we going to do a competition with wacky mobility gimmicks?
  2. TIL that the Italian's Pugliese torpedo defense system was actually not that bad. The flooding issue that comes up when criticizing this system is due to it's own passive counter flooding mechanism. Pugliese incorporated several channels that ran through the triple bottom of the Littorio's that, when one side is struck and flooded, would transfer water towards the other side automatically, meaning the ship would roll less and would (hopefully) require less attention from the crew and could continue fighting. Counter flooding was normally done on all battleships after torpedo damage, to balance out the weight of the water in those compartments. Where the Pugliese (and all torpedo defense of that time) had problems is that torpedoes with magnetic fuses that ran just below the ship could do significant damage, as seen in Taranto 1940. further reading here: The Littorio Class - Google Books
  3. https://apps.dtic.mil/sti/pdfs/AD1027340.pdf “Mechanical metallurgy of armor steels” Commonwealth of Australia, 2016
  4. I was in central Florida when I saw it, so who knows where it’s from.
  5. Klaatu, Barada.... Achoo... Jokes aside, I was visiting family recently, and this thing caught my eye: And I cant ID it, any help?
  6. If I may request, can the competition wait until after holiday season?
  7. That’s a weird paint job. Any reason her roof and wheels are a different color?
  8. *Breaking out necromancy book* Does anyone know where to find these design studies for North Carolina? Since the available spring styles books have a big gap between 1925 and 1939, that’s not an option, so I am inclined to think it’s in Friedman’s “US battleships”?
  9. What you’re doing now, accepting that you don’t know everything, is a more acceptable attitude, but it’s a couple months late.
  10. I thought you made it very clear you didn’t want to be here anymore, so why come back?
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