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  1. If they’re still considering the Sprut, locally producing the BMP-3 and/or BMD-4 might be an option*. Both BMP and BMD are decent IFV’s, more mature and would probably be better vehicles than any of India’s in-house designs. *Quality control would probably be... lacking.
  2. Seems the Iranians like the T-72 budget cut 3 so much, they cut the budget even more!
  3. Since this thread appears to be a decent place to rag on shitty mechanized vehicle concepts, I present to you, this: (I found this while looking for pictures of 40mm CT ammo) Is it 4 years old? Yes. Does that excuse it from being a subject of ridicule? No.
  4. The concept photo in the tweet directly below looks like a normal APFSDS to me, but that also just might be because they don’t really have a concept photo of the ammo yet. This sounds like most “producer” countries, like the US, Germany, and Britain. If they’re the one’s producing, they get the say in what’s produced. This is why (in my uneducated opinion) these programs will all fail in the end.
  5. Question: for the Ascalon’s ammo, it is referred to as “telescopic”. Aren’t most (if not all) modern tank gun APFSDS telescoping? Or am I misunderstanding the terminology?
  6. Ho ho! Just you wait! The old men in charge are going to cancel the new Challenger 3 turret upgrade “in preference for an in-house design (that will never exist)”, or “because it’s too expensive (and we can definitely spend that money better the next time, we promise)”. Maybe even both.
  7. Can’t be that hard, just find a YouTube video that doesn’t dub over it’s sound with a song or dialogue. If you hear a very annoying, high pitched whine: it’s a turbine. If you hear a rumbling sound: it’s a diesel. If you here both: it’s a turbo diesel.
  8. Upgrade a tank - 1970’s (based on Fix a tank - 1943) It’s the middle of the Cold War, and tensions are high throughout the world. 3rd world countries are trying to buy tanks to protect themselves from foreign aggressors. Pick a tank built and produced before 1952, and upgrade it with equipment and technology available by 1970. First gen LRF’s, second gen i2, and ERA are available (NERA is not). Completely replacing the turret is an option, though expensive. Available vehicles: M46 M26 M41 M36 M4A3 Centurion Mk.3 FV4101 Charioteer A34 Comet A30 Challenger A30 Avenger T-54 IS-3 IS-2 Mod.44 T-44 T-34 Panzer 4 StuG 3 Jagdpanzer 4 Jagdpanzer 38
  9. Oh... I misread the deadline... I thought it said today. Don’t mind me, I am the big dumb.
  10. Idk if I’m going to make it. Don’t postpone the competition, it’s been pushed back enough, just don’t be surprised if I don’t submit something.
  11. But if one of them were to choose the K2, it would make it an easier decision for the other. I wonder if there have been any talks between Poland and Norway regarding their next MBT, considering they have essentially the same choices. I prefer Hyundai Rotem mainly because KMW already has a practical monopoly over most NATO member tanks (Leclerc is expensive, Challenger is a piece of shit, and Ariete has yet to leave Italy). Would be nice to shake that up.
  12. Looks A LOT like the chicken wire armor on that one M46 in Korea.
  13. You want to be a pedant? Ok... What, like you did? That forum you linked here didn't contain any factual sources or data, either; merely a bunch of pictures and people arguing what those pictures could mean / show. There was absolutely nothing you posted to support what you're spouting. YOU are the one who is lacking substance in your arguments, if I may even call them that: they have all the factual support of your typical Twitter post, complete with a rambling, imbecilic, sociopathic zealot who believes they know everything about what they're talking about, and attacks anyone who says otherwise. Projecting, much? What I quoted was synonymous with your original statement: the words I omitted did not affect the meaning or interpretation of your sentence. This is common practice, not that you would know. And again: If you don't care what we (people on chat forums) think about armor, why are you getting so heated and vehement about a particular ARMOR and it's effectiveness? Why are you so aggressive when someone doesn't agree with you, if you don't care? WHY DOES SOMETHING THAT, BY YOUR OWN WORDS YOU "DON'T EVEN BEGIN TO CARE" ABOUT, AFFECT YOUR EMOTIONS? Now I'm no expert, but I know shit when I see it... and I cant help but see a whole lot of shit whenever you make a post. So how about you take your mouth off your moms tits, stop throwing a tantrum, and join us adults at the adult table.
  14. Oh boy... Hmmm, perhaps it’s not “the truth”, or even your version of the truth, that’s getting you banned from those boards... If you “don’t care what people on chat forums think”, why are you here? Also, you seem to care what the people on that “chat forum” thought... I took a look at the sources in your link... and I have to say, a lot of them are guesses and speculation, as well. It is indicative of what works “best”. Best insomuch that it is best for their doctrine, manufacturing ability, average height an weight of the population, expected adversaries, expected terrain when fighting said adversaries, et cetera ad nauseam. There have been several tanks built like the Armata, just none that made it past the prototyping phase, for one reason or another. The “crew in a capsule” idea is from the 80’s, IIRC. Lol, the Armata as it is barely works like they advertise after 5+ years of development. And even after she “shocked the world”, most of the west hasn’t changed much to combat this “new menace”.
  15. 1. We all have faces and names, m8. Just because you haven’t seen them doesn’t mean we don’t have them... 2. Your tone comes off as aggressive and arrogant. Please try to be a little more humble, or your stay here may be cut short... There’s a reason most western MBTs have big square fronts and engines in the back. Also Merkava 4’s hull front armor isn’t that impressive, but the hull side armor is better than pretty much all MBTs out there. The turret’s also not that out of the ordinary, except for the built in trophy APS.
  16. Still chipping away at the Brahman, just about ready to start modeling the armor. If you're wondering how I'm going to protect the inlet and outlet to the engine, I'm going to use the same trick I used in the californium competition to protect the holes in the side, but slightly thicker. The plate above the engine is the radiator, which additionally has a 2 inch gap above and below it, where air is forced across it, to cool it. The exhaust and coolant air are both passed through the turbo charger, then through a CV90 type system, to cool it down and hopefully reducing the thermal signature. I'm going to access the engine and transmission via a similar system to the Merkava 4: the upper plate lifts up, using 2 hydraulic pistons powered by the tanks batteries; or if you need to pull the engine and tranny, you can lift off the upper plate with the same 5+ ton crane you need to lift the drive train. I need a little help, I don't know how to model a "modern" commanders cupola, with all the amenities, without making it too damn big.
  17. 480mm shells 480mm! Ohhhhh? Something you would like to share with the class, Gaijin? Perhaps, something like a BOUS (battleship of unusual size)?
  18. What is it “vismod’ing”, other than a K21-105?
  19. Drummond appears to be just your typical public relations rep. He probably just spouts what he’s been told, whether it’s true or not.
  20. [Development] Assistance when extinguishing fires - News - War Thunder Fucking Finally!
  21. I’m probably speaking outside my expertise, but since the Cr3’s gunner sight is on top of the tank’s roof, and not cut out from the turret front, the turret would have more in common with the 2A5 than the revolution.
  22. Challenger 2 actually hot trash, confirmed. Also, predicting that the new Challenger 3 upgrade will be cancelled like WCSP and Ajax.
  23. There were quite a few projects at the end of the Cold War for autoloading SPG’s, but a lot of them were cancelled. Same for 5+ inch guns. Now, about 30 years later, the exact same weapons and features are being trialed (autoloading artillery, 130 or 140mm guns, active protection, reduced crew/crew less vehicles, etc.)... huh, really makes you think.
  24. Are you referencing that autoloading artillery prototypes were being tested then, or the actual Msta-S prototype/pre-series?
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