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  1. Here is another good one: Abrams upper glacis test. Dejmian XYZ6 days ago (edited) I wanted to present plans for the future, but I will present plans for the next simulations. I would like to simulate the armor of the Abrams again, as I read somewhere that the thickness of the glacis was increased in later versions, but now I'm not sure. So if anyone has good source it would be helpful. If not, I will do it for 38mm, but with a side angle, so that the total inclination is 83-84 degrees. I would also like to do one simulation at low projectile speed to test the ricochet. One of the slower APFSDS is the OFL-90-F1 (1275m / s). Also it looks like hes looking for info for another Abrams test. AFAIK the upper glacis thickness was never changed from the original 38mm plate.
  2. Dang, I was hoping they started making small caliber stellite lined again. Its probably just their CHF barrels with extra thick chrome lining.
  3. Did they seriously take the effort to design the front to make it look like a snake?
  4. Im more curious about their barrel tech than the gun itself. Another interesting note is that there are no operator barrel changes with EVOLYS. They’re so confident in the metallurgy of the barrel that you won’t have to swap barrels during sustained fire. Barrel changes will require tools and about two to three minutes to accomplish. https://soldiersystems.net/2021/05/07/fn-evolus-the-details/
  5. If they wanted to compete with the Knights LAMG they could have at least introduced a constant recoil system. The side feed only is interesting but it makes the receiver + feed "tray" overly bulky, they must be joking if they're telling people this chunky boy MG can be used like an assault rifle.
  6. Im curious if other properties of the material besides just its density and hardness have more of an effect on the flyer plate/projectile interaction. In this guy's models going from HHS to tungsten alloy doesnt seem to have a major difference other than a bit more upward deflection. It seems to hint at things like heat capacity might be at play when resisting the atomizing of the plate and projectile eating up more energy.
  7. Not much difference than how the fighting in Syria is done, except with less Hell Cannon.
  8. 6mm ARC 106 gr TAP (ballistic tip) Firearm: Noveske/Proof Barrel | Barrel: 18" | Twist Rate: 1:7.5 Muzzle Velocity: 2625 fps Energy: 1622 ft/lbs 1 Bare Gel Total Penetration 18” Max Cavity 6” Depth of Max Cavity 5.5” Neck .5” Retained Weight 76.8gr Expanded Diameter .53” Auto Glass Total Penetration 15.5” Max Cavity 4” Depth of Max Cavity 3” Neck 0” Retained Weight 41.2gr Expanded Diameter .35” Steel Total Penetration 17.5”” Max Cavity 5” Depth of Max Cavity 4” Neck 0” Retained Weight 70.4gr Expanded Diameter .40” https://www.hornadyle.com/rifle-ammunition/6mm-arc-106-gr-tap#!/
  9. More ballistic data for the data gods. All with a 52k psi max. I wonder if people will be throwing away their 6.5 Grendels for this. Bill Alexander might be sweating right now. Falls in line with the 18" barrel data from the TAP load. https://www.hornadyle.com/rifle-ammunition/6mm-arc-106-gr-tap#!/
  10. Seems to be a recurring pattern in both the Western and Eastern Block. The IAR is always followed up by a belt-fed to replace or supplement it.
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