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  1. No, it's also depends on dispersion of shells. I saw video where Pantzir tried to shoot down small UAV - it was pathetic.
  2. Nice. Such things as Tunguska's cannons are almost useless against small UAVs, while missiles have problems in destroying them too.
  3. There already was variant of ARV with small crane.
  4. https://www.facebook.com/Technology.IDF/posts/3041064092794002
  5. Too bad. He was the only insider in this thread, and one of the best on this forum.
  6. You can't say that for sure until you see this module.
  7. This damage caused by internal explosion. Merkava has SLERA armor, not primitive one like russian tanks.
  8. Frontal armor looks quite thick. You should know that Wiedzmin is just butthurting
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