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  1. He is just another Putin-obsessed Russian.
  2. OK, by russian media. BTW, this youtuber is Russian (what a coincidence )
  3. This fake is spread by russian propaganda.
  4. No, it's certainly commander's sight. We were talking about ATGMs with several launchers.
  5. IWI Carmel https://www.israeldefense.co.il/en/node/38058 https://www.thefirearmblog.com/blog/2019/04/07/iwi-carmel/
  6. It's almost impossible to shoot a tank from the side using a vehicle based ATGM. A commander's sight.
  7. All APS have at least two launchers. So, using two missiles against tank with APS is ineffective and maybe just a propaganda trick.
  8. Because it's automatic systems. It is said that it will choose shells and charges automatically, at least. Yes, and the new howitzer will differ from cannon on a truck.
  9. Electronic architecture of new howitzer must be changed. Atmos has similarities with M-71. IMO, it's based on M-71.
  10. Actually, there is a big difference between manually operated cannon on a truck and unmanned turret. Then, there is no big difference between Atmos and M-71 - just some "minor additions".
  11. It will be another type of howitzer, not just a cannon on a truck - that's the point. Atmos itself is based on other howitzer too.
  12. Because the howitzer they are going to adopt is not Atmos, and it's good that it isn't.
  13. That's funny - they claim that the new howitzer to be adopted is Atmos, and than, say that it will be fully automatic. It's already tested on Bradley.
  14. https://www.idf.il/אתרים/אגף-הטכנולוגיה-והלוגיסטיקה/הנמר-החדש/
  15. Enough space to leave the vehicle easy.
  16. The gun's recoil mechanism is composed of two hydraulic retarders and a hydropneumatic assembly. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rheinmetall_Rh-120
  17. Loaders hatch was sealed by armor. But it was there:
  18. I think they all had the loader's hatch.
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