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  1. There is no big difference between current Dome and the one on the picture - just a primitive radar installed.
  2. To anyone. The vehicle on the image is just a concept. It may never be released. Current version of Iron Dome can be used both as static and as mobile.
  3. What are these round things on the turret? Radars?
  4. It's good that in other countries light tanks are not called "tank destroyers". The thing is that some people believe that Sprut was made for destroying MBTs, but it wasn't (this fact is mentioned in the article I quoted).
  5. Maybe some new modifications of T-72 can. But we know nothing about Sprut - what types of shells does it use? Even most Russian MBTs can't use Lekalo. And Sprut is just a light tank - it shouldn't fight with MBTs, as it said in the article I quoted. The real "tank destroyers" are ATGM-carriers, or maybe Sheridan (at least, it had 152-mm gun).
  6. There are no relatively new Russian APFSDS in the list. Maybe this information is false, but we know that some Russian tanks (actually, all tanks except T-90A) have restrictions on shells length. Any modern MBT surpasses Sprut in all aspects except mobility.
  7. According to Wikipedia it can't use relatevly modern APFSDS. https://ru.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2С25 But Sprut can't destroy any modern tank, it has no advantages over them.
  8. Несмотря на то, что самоходная пушка 2С25 относится к классу противотанковых САУ, по своим возможностям и спектру решаемых задач «Спрут-СД» является лёгким танком. Причина, по которой САУ 2С25 изначально классифицирована как противотанковая пушка, состояла в том, что заказывающим управлением опытно-конструкторских работ являлось ГРАУ, не имевшее полномочий для разработки танков. Google Translate: Despite the fact that the 2S25 self-propelled gun belongs to the class of anti-tank SAU, the Sprut-SD is a light tank in its capabilities and range of tasks to be solved. The
  9. No, Sprut is not effective. It can't use long APFSDS like ZBM-44M (probably due to autoloader's restriction). And even if it could, this would not give it advantage over MBTs.
  10. The question is "what is a tank destroyer"? Light tanks like Sprut-SD are not "tank destroyers" - they are not effective against MBTs.
  11. A was talking about chassis. But this vehicle concept is quite strange (for now). Maybe it will be a light/medium tank (to replace Merkava).
  12. The chassis in the video is not what will really be.
  13. Transmissions are probably produced in Israel (at least, it was so in the past).
  14. It has to be 30-35 tons, like modern light tanks.
  15. Are they going to install tank cannon on Carmel? Because, after all, army will need a replacement for Merkava.
  16. It's APS, in the video this thing launches interceptor to destroy RPG (2:30)
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