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  1. What I don't quite understand though is why the Danes didn't also opt for the available added turret side protection offered with the 2A7+: Will also be interesting to see when KMW decides to install the MTU 883 powerpack in the Leopard: Would allow for a lot of the systems in the turret to be moved down into the hull, making room for a bigger turret ammo rack, as well as the removal of the hull ammo storage.
  2. Pretty sure it's without. One Danish tanker I talked to says the weight was slightly over 70 tons fully equipped in Afghanistan, which I take as being when with the slat armor and barracuda camo/insulation.
  3. The add on side hull armour looks pretty thick, so if the lower hull side armour is already 50mm (which I believe is the only realistic figure to meet the 20mm AP immunity requirement), then that would bring the lower side hull up quite abit in thickness. With the additional 12mm steel skirts and air gap that should provide pretty good protection vs most RPGs.
  4. No worries, my post wasn't even directed at you. The 2A7DK is supposed to have or get the increased side hull armor seen in the 2A5DK unloading picture as well, but probably only for operational use. I suspect the 2A7DK also comes with D-tech internal modules.
  5. Yup, and for a dimensionally smaller tank
  6. A Danish commander here talks about the additional side hull armour on the 2A5DK (He talks about the difference between the tank in question and the one used on operations which weighes 68 tons): The armour he is talking about:
  7. The new Danish Leopard 2A7DK's arriving at Oksbøl (Note the addition of further protection to the front hull, upper & lower.): These tanks came fully equipped with: - New 3rd Generation ATTICA FLIR imagers for commander & gunner - New added front, side & bottom hull armour - New 120mm L55A1 gun - New APU - New digital turret traverse control unit - New displays for gunner & commander - Updated drive train - Updated suspension - Spectus driver's cameras, front & rear.
  8. These pictures show added armour protection on a Leopard 2A5DK along the lower hull side, spanning the crew compartment area: Source:
  9. No I mean the Leopard 2 in general has won the SETC gunnery exercises. The stationary shoot out discipline was won in 2018 by the US, but that's the first and only time so far, and they didn't place as high as the Leopards in the initial offensive & defensive gunnery disciplines.
  10. Pretty sure the new Attica 3rd Gen FLIR system on the Leopard 2A7 is beyond anything ever put on or even planned for the Abrams. You should read up on it. Also the Leopard is consistently scoring better in gunnery competitions between the two during SETC, and the scores given include the time taken to correctly ID targets before engaging. It isn't just about who can hit most accurately, but also about how fast they can do it whilst distinguishing "friendly" from "enemy" targets.
  11. Wondering, are there side hull armour drawings/specifications out there for the Leo 2AV ? Trying to figure out the most likely protection of the Leo 2's side lower hull, and wether it changes along the length of the tank.
  12. Armour distribution based on the Swedish data:
  13. As for how the thickness of the back plate was measured:
  14. As far as I can tell the thickness of the mantlet was measured like so: Thus 420mm is very much confirmed if you ask me.
  15. As for the lower hull side thickness, I've read between 40-50mm, but I haven't seen any measurements yet to confirm it. Anyone got anything on the lower hull sides?
  16. There is this picture which shows that the hull roof is noticably thicker than the hatch (how much ofcourse is anybody's guess, but I think 40-45mm sounds reasonable based on the photographic evidence):
  17. As for the mantlet area, it's complex to colour code due to all the different parts:
  18. Scav, The front hull roof should be between 40-45 mm thick (hatch is 30mm), which is 287-323mm LOS alone. So 250mm is too low there. Also keep in mind that the hull nose module covers part of the highly sloped hull roof area. I've attached a more detailed illustration of the hull armour below:
  19. That's the boresight tool, I need official info on the EMES-15 primary sight
  20. Does anyone have detailed & sourced specifications for the Leopard 2's EMES-15 sight?
  21. Hello Laviduce, Disappointingly the people I were able to talk to when there simply didnt know the information you requested, and taking any measurements was rendered impossible by all the military personnel around. However I found out that there's a tank musuem nearby with a Leopard 2A4 on exhibition that I might be able to get access to and there are likely to be experts on the tank there too.
  22. Alright guys, I will be attending something called Åben Hede in Denmark tommorrow where the Leopard 2 will be doing some live exercises and you can walk around the tanks and so forth. If there's anything you guys want me to ask or achieve whilst there just let me know today.
  23. Thanks SM_HH, That atleast seem to validate the use of an inner wall, and supposedly with NERA. Would you happen to have information on the thickness of the hull below the sponsons? Narod.ru puts it at 50mm RHA, however are there any measurements to back this up?
  24. A closer look from the other side which seems to indicate that there is a inner wall: Images removed for OPSEC reasons, as per. request from METKA
  25. A close up picture of the rear turret bustle being worked on: - image deleted per official request- moderation team Notice the lip formed by the plate overhang, what does this indicate? Is the turret bustle armour really not 90mm thick? or is the particular turret simply missing the inner wall plate at the moment of picture?
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