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  1. An illustration of what I believe is likely the armour layout of the Leopard 2's sponsons: - image deleted per official request- moderation team Again this is based on the Leopard 2AV and 2K protection scheme as well as the actual protection scheme present on the Leopard 2 at the NBC unit.
  2. I think they are the lower mounting points yes, however I still think they might indicate how thick the outer plate is going to be by how much they extend over the sponson floor. And again ofcourse it simply wouldn't make sense not to secure the fuel tanks (a critical component) from smallarms fire, as even 5.56 NATO green tip will penetrate 10mm of armour at 100m, 7.62 NATO AP 15mm, and finally .50 BMG up to 22.2mm of FHA. Now since I seem to recall reading that the Leopard was designed to be immune to 20mm fire from the sides, I believe that indicates at atleast a 40-50mm RHAe
  3. Also just noticed the following: Image removed for OPSEC reasons (recieved notification from METKA) Note: I think the six squares at the edge of the left sponson indicate the thickness of the plate here, which to me looks like ~30mm. This also makes the most sense in terms of protecting the fuel tanks from being ruptured by smallarms or HMG fire. To corroborate this theory there seems to be at least that amount of protection on the aircon system hatch:
  4. 10mm sponsons?? Are you sure? I mean the fuel cells are right behind it, that would make them vulnerable to be penetrated and ruptured even by regular small arms fire. That can't be right, esp. for a MBT. Looking at the welding lines in real life the sponson sides look like they were at least 30mm thick.
  5. Btw, does anyone here possess or know the accurate armour protection of the Leopard 2A4 in these areas?:
  6. @Rohrkrepierer I had a look through the report you sent me, however there's something I don't understand, which is that the DM33 penetration performance changes from 470mm to 480mm between these two charts:
  7. Ok, would you be able to share it?
  8. Well that's assuming Lanz Odermatt's equation is 100% applicable to the most recent penetrator designs. I mean we have plenty of figures showing penetration past the length of the rod, so...
  9. But those figures are based on Russian estimates, which if we look at the numbers for the DM53 don't look particularly realistic. Infact AFAIK the true penetration performance of the DM13 and DM23 (let alone DM33, 43 and 53/63) is still not known. A current Leopard 2 tanker mentioned 1,000+ mm RHAe LOS penetration for the DM63 through the L/55.
  10. Yeah the base upper front hull is just 40mm, but those blocks of armour they added on looked like they were ~50mm thick. But if you measured them at 40mm I'm ofcourse gonna have to bow to that as I only eyeballed it.
  11. I'd expect atleast 350mm RHAe in the center if we're talking 420mm composite + 240mm solid titanium (660mm LOS). The edges of the mantlet area could present as high a value as 400mm RHAe considering the 240-280mm RHA turret armour behind the 420mm mantlet: PS: Went and sat in a Leopard 2A5DK today and had the opportunity to eyeball the thickness of the add on armour on the upper hull. These blocks of armour looked atleast 5cm thick, probably more. So the upper hull on the newer leopards is very strong. Also had a good 5 min in the gunners positio
  12. To me 350mm RHAe equivalent seems likely considering the 420mm mantlet + 240mm solid titanium block behind it. If the engineers at KM didnt want the mantlet to be a weakspot there's also every reason to believe that they put thicker NERA blocks in there.
  13. That's indeed a plausible explanation for the Leo crew member listing such a number (eventhough those add on pieces look a lot thicker ), but I don't understand how narid.ru got it so wrong then? Also I've noticed that there's a form of turret guard spanning across the forward hull top that often seems to be overlooked:
  14. Thanks Laviduce! I am wondering how they arrived at the 70mm front turret roof? A leopard crew memeber said it was a 70mm slab of RHA stretching up until around the commander & loaders hatch. And the guy at narod.ru apparently measured it at that thickness too? In the tank he measured there doesn't appear to be a spall liner there: Would be nice to get that one cleared up.
  15. Hello guys, came over from the WT forums after I stumbled upon this site via google whilst searching for material on the Leopard 2 MBT. I have some questions regarding the top armor of the Leopard, and I created this color map in order to split up each section: My questions are: a) did I section things correctly b) what are the correct thickness values for each section I read that the front part of the turret roof is 70mm thick angled at 7 deg over at narod.ru and by a former Leo crew member. Furthermore I can visibly see that the upper front
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