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  1. Telford Armour Might be related to the Porton Down armour mentioned in "CR3" upgrade.
  2. Indeed. Although the lesson should've been learnt when CR1s had the same issues whilst mustering in Saudi Arabia. Vickers had to rush a team out to desertify them.
  3. Challenger 1 had 98% availability during the Gulf War. Only attrition being two CR1s driving into each other and breaking their guns at the very beginning. Challenger 2 had a similar availability during the Iraq invasion and only downtime was due to a massive sandstorm. CR line has its' share of problems but reliability generally isn't one.
  4. General Dynamics UK have created a virtual expo complete with a 3D model viewer for Ajax and Foxhound: https://gdgoesvirtual.com/ls/event.html Password = GD2021 Interesting things like an electronic drive system for Foxhound: and the world's most useful periscope:
  5. https://tankmuseumshop.org/collections/new-in/products/observer-of-cold-war-tank-development
  6. lol I thought it was Greek camo because I combined these 2 schemes together in my head:
  7. CV9035NL MLU Hi-Res Version
  8. Figured it out. It's a regular turret on a E hull. I didn't notice the different rear and then thought it was a re-painted Omani version as they have different cooling exhausts: I had also forgotten that the version used in Greek trials had a mantle-mounted optic but used the updated periscope: I wonder why it was changed? Previously the regular CR2E was the one being advertised to Greece:
  9. @TokyoMorose Regular CR2. Camo is Greek.
  10. Challenger 2(E) Promotional Posters https://www.facebook.com/groups/chally/permalink/3827327810631274/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CV12 Remanufacture https://www.facebook.com/groups/chally/permalink/3796493567048032/
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