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  1. CV90120-T Low-Profile Turret and Modular Armour This is apparently a few years old but I don't remember seeing it.
  2. If it hadn't been for Cottonmouth ARV I'd be a Major a long time ago Where'd you deploy from, where'd you withdraw? What did you recon, Cottonmouth ARV? *Eurobeat*
  3. Ajax Brimstone Overwatch https://generaldynamics.uk.com/gduk/overwatch/ https://mk0generaldynam7ma37.kinstacdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/ARES-OVERWATCH-NEW-V5-1.mp4 2x4 brimstone launchers Can fire at multiple targets near simultaneously Fires static or moving -------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. Ajax turret would be too big and heavy for an IFV. 1.7m turret ring vs 1.4m for WCSP. It's also Lance-based and LMUK and Rheinmetall fell out because of the original WCSP turret failure.
  5. @Lord_James You're using logic. Army Brass do not. When the cancelation was first announced people of course suggested a WCSP-Boxer. Various journalists quickly shut down such a thing. Army will do everything to dissociate themselves from WCSP. Doesn't matter if nearly £500m has been wasted. It's happened before, it will happen again. I could even see the Army completely dumping CT40.
  6. By all accounts the turret did work in the end and the battlefield trials for WCSP were going well. However with all the delays and cost overruns it simply became untenable to continue. I would say "politically risky" would refer to the optics of giving LMUK more money to continue a "failed" programme on another platform. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scottish Conservative leader standing on a Hawkei at Thales in Glasgow.
  7. Helmets make for the best wheel chocks...
  8. I don't know what they mean by Southern Asia? South Korea isn't actually in the south.
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