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  1. @Dinmoo Storage container for misfired rounds. So insurgents can't pick-up the discarded round and create bombs.
  2. Official literature lists only one. In a H-Drive system I believe that a differential-like component for an individual wheel would be classified as a (limiter/reducer?) gearbox.
  3. oh god how did these get here im bad with computer
  4. Nexter Group and John Cockerill unveil new VBCI 8x8 armored vehicle fitted with 30mm weapon station https://www.armyrecognition.com/defense_news_september_2020_global_security_army_industry/nexter_group_and_john_cockerill_unveils_new_vbci_8x8_armored_fitted_with_a_30mm_weapon_station.html
  5. WFEL's New Boxer Facility --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UK Boxer Variants
  6. Assertive Machine Gun https://twitter.com/JonHawkes275/status/1309083416747532289/photo/1
  7. It is known that the British Army waved Australia away from down-selecting Ajax IFV for Land 400 Ph 3. "Don't do it" was the message.
  8. Hungarian Government confirms Lynx KF41 numbers: 218 vehicles, 172 built locally
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