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  1. Ajax Brimstone Overwatch





    General Dynamics Land Systems–UK today unveiled a further variant of its best-in-class AJAX Family of Vehicles (FoV). The Brimstone Anti-tank Guided Weapon ‘Overwatch’ variant, demonstrated in collaboration with MBDA, could operate in the vanguard of the British Army’s future Heavy Brigade and Deep Recce Strike Combat Teams, providing vital force protection for the more dispersed force and ensuring the integrity of long-range persistent surveillance.

    The MBDA Brimstone-based solution Overwatch capability can be seamlessly integrated onboard an ARES vehicle utilising its state-of-the art Electronic Architecture, which is installed across the AJAX FoV and enables the rapid insertion and integration of new technologies and capabilities.

    Carew Wilks, Vice President and General Manager of General Dynamics Land Systems–UK, said:

    “The AJAX family can fulfil a large number of roles for Armed Forces worldwide, including reconnaissance, persistent surveillance, command and control, and bridging. Our collaboration with MBDA further demonstrates the versatility of the AJAX fleet through the delivery of an ‘Overwatch’ capability quickly and effectively for the Heavy and Deep Recce Strike Brigade Combat Teams.”

    Chris Allam, MBDA UK Managing Director, said:

    “Brimstone and AJAX is a potent battle-winning combination. Brimstone is a core part of the ‘portfolio’ approach to complex weapons between MBDA and the UK Ministry of Defence. This co-operation on AJAX Overwatch demonstrates how we can use sovereign UK complex weapons technologies to provide rapid and low cost solutions to enhance the operational capabilities of the UK Armed Forces, while ensuring sovereign skills, jobs and security of supply are maintained.”

    Brimstone is the ubiquitous multiple-platform weapon for Air, Land and Maritime environments. Operationally proven and packed with the latest technology for further growth, in the Overwatch role Brimstone is the differentiator for high intensity, peer-on-peer warfighting, with excellent reach, high-loadout and salvo capability. Defeating all known Defensive Aide Suites and armour with high precision and in all weathers, Brimstone gives several targeting options while uniquely enhancing platform and operator survivability through best-in-class insensitive munition compliance.



    2x4 brimstone launchers
    Can fire at multiple targets near simultaneously
    Fires static or moving



  2. @Lord_James

    You're using logic. Army Brass do not.

    When the cancelation was first announced people of course suggested a WCSP-Boxer. Various journalists quickly shut down such a thing.

    Army will do everything to dissociate themselves from WCSP. Doesn't matter if nearly £500m has been wasted. It's happened before, it will happen again.
    I could even see the Army completely dumping CT40.

  3. By all accounts the turret did work in the end and the battlefield trials for WCSP were going well.
    However with all the delays and cost overruns it simply became untenable to continue.

    I would say "politically risky" would refer to the optics of giving LMUK more money to continue a "failed" programme on another platform.








    Scottish Conservative leader standing on a Hawkei at Thales in Glasgow.

    Recently GDUK has been promoting Foxhound on twitter sparking speculation that L-ATV will be rejected for MRV-P Group 1.
    Hawkei turning up at the proposed manufacturing site for Bushmaster (competing against Eagle V 6x6 for MRV-P Group 2) and allowed to be used for a photo-op adds to that further.

    Link if you want to see more photos of a politician climbing on a no-step bonnet:




    • Rheinmetall confirmed Challenger 2 LEP awarded, official details TBC but 148 tanks looks good
    • Headline change is swap from L30A1 rifled gun to Rheinmetall L55A1 smoothbore
    • US has also provisionally confirmed M829A4 depleted uranium (DU) penetrator APFSDS round could be qualified rapidly for use from IOC.
    • Rounds stored in now industry-standard isolated bustle compartment with blow-out panels in event of penetration. Compartment holds 15 rds with a further 16 in hull storage, for total of 31. Compares with 49 in the CR2
    • LEP will use the same sights as AJAX, the Thales ORION and DNGS T3 (comamder/gunner)
    • Upgrade introduces new modular armour (nMA) package that raises baseline protection. Damaged modules can be replaced and can more easily accept future upgrades.
    • It will include new appliqué hull side and belly armour package for enhancing protection against mines, IEDs, and other underbody blast threats. The existing packs are relatively heavy, and dstl is working to develop lighter solutions for LEP as an optional additional module.
    • APS is required to meet survivability targets
    • I hear Trophy has been selected and 60 sets will be bought
    • Army is approaching mobility enhancement of Challenger 2 as a whole fleet concept, including CR2 driver training tank, TITAN AVBL and TROJAN AEV.
    • HAAIP will see a common engine and suspension standard applied to all CR2 variants, comprising an engine rebuild to the CV12-8a standard, new third-generation hydrogas (3GH) suspension, a new hydraulic track tensioner, an electric cold start system, and an improved cooling system
    • Once upgraded and fitted with nMA and APS, CR2 will be MLC100 class
    • ALTERNATIVES: The army considered alternatives that could provide a comparable capability but at a more compelling price. Those included leasing, buying second hand, or locally manufacturing the Leopard 2A7V and M1A2 SEPv2, as well as potential new vehicle offerings......including baseline Korean K2 and the larger K2PL specification designed for Poland. However, in all instances these alternatives were assessed to be unaffordable or politically incompatible compared with the preferred option of the RBSL proposal and the LEP+ requirements set


  5. Telford Armour




    In brief, @RH_BAES_Land has developed Telford Enhanced Spaced Armour (TESA), a perforated armour offering protection up to STANAG 5 at 50% of the weight of equivalent RHA. It utilises a unique geometry to increase effects on projectiles.



    The second is Telford Enhanced Ceramic Armour, which is slightly behind the development of TESA but utilises sealed ceramic armour packs to offer protection at STANAG 6+.


    Might be related to the Porton Down armour mentioned in "CR3" upgrade.

  6. 13 hours ago, Sovngard said:


    This could have been worse without the lessons learned from Saif Sareea 2 exercise.

    Although the lesson should've been learnt when CR1s had the same issues whilst mustering in Saudi Arabia. Vickers had to rush a team out to desertify them.

  7. On 2/3/2021 at 9:31 AM, DIADES said:

    Including not making it to the fight cos made in England?

    Challenger 1 had 98% availability during the Gulf War. Only attrition being two CR1s driving into each other and breaking their guns at the very beginning.

    Challenger 2 had a similar availability during the Iraq invasion and only downtime was due to a massive sandstorm.

    CR line has it's share of problems but reliability generally isn't one.

  8. Figured it out. It's a regular turret on a E hull. 

    I didn't notice the different rear and then thought it was a re-painted Omani version as they have different cooling exhausts:


    I had also forgotten that the version used in Greek trials had a mantle-mounted optic but used the updated periscope:


    I wonder why it was changed? Previously the regular CR2E was the one being advertised to Greece:


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