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  1. "Smooth-top" Prototype CR2 - V7 Lacks a gunner's periscope:
  2. This article is a bit strange. The Warrior was made by GKN, not Alvis. Although Alvis would later purchase GKN defence. Eventually killing the promising Warrior 2000 to promote the mature CV90. As far as I can tell the flanking armour plates are not new and have been used for some time as the mounting for the WRAP 2 armour system:
  3. @2805662 It's related to NGCV. I think it's an internal technology test-bed. https://defence-blog.com/army/what-will-u-s-army-combat-vehicles-look-like-in-the-future.html https://defence-blog.com/army/u-s-army-develops-advanced-protection-systems-for-next-generation-combat-vehicles.html
  4. @alanch90 Yes. Heavy Armour Automotive Improvement Programme (HAAIP) run by BAE. Either modernising the CV-12 and TN-54 to run at 1500bhp or an alternative such as Europowerpack, maybe EX-Drive.
  5. https://www.army.mod.uk/media/7504/adr008741_in_front_issue_4_final.pdf#BeTheBest BAE/GD 'Black Night' bid dead? Rheinmetall/BAE bids merged Enhancements to powerpack Gun WILL be replaced with smoothbore Armour will be "upgraded" to "provide higher levels of protection" Allow APS to be fitted Sights, fire/gun control upgrades
  6. UK JOINS THE BOXER FAMILY http://www.occar.int/uk-joins-boxer-family Confirmation that UK Boxers will have the uprated powerpack.
  7. £2.8bn armoured vehicle contract secured for British Army ---------------------------- About £5.5m per vehicle.
  8. https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/army-to-spend-1-5bn-on-boxer-vehicles-bcdbvln2b 508 Boxers for £1.5bn. Deal was meant to be signed at Army Combat Power Demo but held-up by Treasury. Hope to sign deal by Wednesday otherwise will be delayed for 6 months due to election.
  9. Turns out the Brimstone launcher *IS* mounted on the CR2: Also CO of ATDU confirms change of gun is a requirement for CR2 LEP:
  10. Brimstone. However sadly it seems to be mounted on a Land Rover parked behind the CR2.
  11. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Royal Artillery has been severely neglected since the Cold War ended. Most of the upgrade/procurement programmes were cancelled and in a counter-insurgency world has tried to stay relevant by focusing on UAVs. There are only 5 MAMBA, it was used along with another system called COBRA but they're replacement (latest ARTHUR) never materialised. COOBRA went out-of-service and MAMBA only has a few years left.
  12. Korean Next Generation Main Battle Tank: PL-01 Returns
  13. Are single-bidder competitions allowed in the US? I know in UK and Canada they have to be restarted/cancelled.
  14. Seems like a minor issue. An extension will almost certainly be granted.
  15. Driving ban for Dutch Boxer 8x8 https://www.snafu-solomon.com/2019/10/driving-ban-for-boxer-8x8-infantry.html
  16. To trick the Czechs into buying KF31s thinking they would get KF41s. Honestly, with the Czech competition I've only been keeping up on the ASCOD and Puma bids. They seem the most interesting and likely to be selected.
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