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  1. Ajax-family bridge-layer. Supposedly called Acheron. Don't know if this is official.
  2. https://www.baesystems.com/en-us/article/bae-systems-unveils-new-archer-mobile-howitzer-at-dsei Images, brochure and video: https://baesys.resourcespace.com/pages/search.php?search=!collection564&k=b9d6b00896
  3. A new gun is apparently a requirement for the upgrade now. The L55 has been chosen for RBSL's bid. Nothing is official yet.
  4. I think the Volvo is not made anymore. MANs are also currently in-use. Makes sense for commonality. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- https://supacat.com/newsevents/news/supacat-grows-engineering-services-business-supporting-rheinmetall-uk-australian-defence-programmes/ Pictured: Mock turret for Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank (CR2), manufactured by Supacat to allow validation of the internal layout and optimisation for human interface factors including evacuation. According to EXIF data this was taken at: 2018:06:22 11:03:05
  5. https://ukdefencejournal.org.uk/exclusive-lockheed-martin-boss-removed-after-warrior-upgrade-delays/
  6. https://www.defence24.pl/mspo-2019-nowa-odslona-narwi-brytyjski-camm-na-polskim-jelczu
  7. @Scav https://www.facebook.com/ed.francis.524/posts/10156528526392467
  8. https://www.facebook.com/The-Queens-Royal-Hussars-Museum-1087446214620464/
  9. http://defencetechnologyreview.realviewdigital.com/?iid=165217#folio=4 BAE to offer "completely new" version of CV90.
  10. https://www.janes.com/article/90725/upgraded-warrior-completes-20-battlefield-missions
  11. Rheinmetall image shows Challenger 2 Mk.2 and UK-spec Boxer at DSEI 2019. It appears Rheinmetall-BAE will propose Archer-on-MAN for British Mobile Fires Platform programme. Model from 2018:
  12. Cold Response 2006 CV90 falls through ice: Gets free but when being towed it rolls onto the ARV: Rescued by Leopard 1 ARV: https://www.sphf.se/svenskt-pansar/pansarperspektiv/bargningstjanst/bargning-i-norge/
  13. FFG Presents Recovery Module for the Boxer: https://esut.de/2019/08/meldungen/land/14663/ffg-stellt-berge-modul-fuer-den-boxer-vor/ The Boxer drive module shown has a new type of radiator exhaust shroud but the older A0-A1 engine exhaust. Comparison:
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