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  1. If I remember correctly those M48 hulls were used to move the turrets around a gun range, but the turrets were not able to rotate.
  2. https://www.janes.com/article/95812/germany-and-france-sign-mgcs-framework-agreement Germany and France sign MGCS framework agreement. https://esut.de/2020/04/meldungen/20255/deutsch-franzoesisches-abkommen-zum-neuen-kampfpanzer-mgcs-unterzeichnet/ According to this article two of the five phases of the project have been completed already.
  3. Thank you very much. Gonna enjoy this read.
  4. @Renegade334 @Collimatrix Thanks for your responses I thought I read something about fuel tanks being used as armor. Interesting stuff. I think its not only internal fueltanks that serve as chemical penetrator protection in some cases. The Stridsvagn 103 also has some jerry cans placed alongside the hull sides. Id imagine that placement has the same goal in mind.
  5. Is it true that some tank designs incorporate fuel tanks as armor? How do fuel tanks work as armor and is there any literature on that?
  6. Did not know that, but addon armor on the M10 doesnt sound reasonable since its probably not supposed to take fire from anything larger than infantry rifles anyways I did some search on Google myself and the specific values seem to vary. Nice job. According to this post from the War Thunder website your estimates seem to be about right. They state 75mm. They also have some interesting pictures of their recreation process.
  7. Is there actually any documentation on the sideskirts that are portrayed on most model kits and video game models of the E-100? If thats the case what were the supposed armored values? I think its also pretty much an innovation in german armour design in WW2. Havent seen any addon/modular armor on other WW2 tanks. example here:
  8. I think only the Geneal Motors protoype had a hydropneumatic suspension. According to Hunnicutt the Chrysler prototype had a torsion bar suspension.
  9. First post, long time lurker. Might be a difficult one.
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