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  1. yup even 1/4 an inch helped against the PIAT There was another British test for "future" tanks with a few varying thickness up to 1 inch skirts and various hull sides and if I recall it made quite a difference. I imagine the M6 heavy for example with it's 1 inch skirt must have helped immensely in firing trials.
  2. Logan, which was used in the M3 and Ram, some early M4's had it afaik. It had problems.
  3. Some excellent new photos from 8Hussar's photobucket on the Gun Ram at the CWM. http://s661.photobucket.com/user/8Hussar/library/?sort=2&page=1 Uploaded the turret+gun mount ones to imgur due to photobucket being a royal pain in the arse in general. Album https://imgur.com/a/JpHAxql
  4. good report on that at least in regards to ammo. http://www.dtic.mil/dtic/tr/fulltext/u2/a136625.pdf
  5. Small report on the Cletrac during WW2 https://imgur.com/a/WLZEpwm
  6. Taking known dimensions from primary sources on the Ram OP and regular Ram I + II to come up with numbers. Hull height is to the highest point at the turret ring, Turret height is to top of periscope over cupola and top of periscope on turret roof. No idea on actual roof height but you could probably make a rough estimation using the known heights, the photo with the turret removed and the measurements from the suspension. Hull width is the side hull cast in bulges, versions with the door in place are wider still. You can see in the photo how the actual overall width is lower everywhere else o
  7. Kangaroo with what looks like an engine change or some sort of major mod. exhaust soot on the rear upper plate, and what looks like the two exhausts sticking out of the rear engine deck plate. Only thing I can think of is an engine change to something like the Fords who's exhaust normally comes right out the lower rear plate on the M4A3, so instead of cutting 1.5 inches of steel to make an opening, they just piped it up and out of the engine cover. Edit: Turns out that exhaust mod was done specifically to Ram towers only it seems, I suppose for clearance issues or wadding requireme
  8. Wartime censorship in action. And the unedited version
  9. It's next to impossible to find images of the gun + front adapter assembly dismounted from the tank, but one of the videos Canada at war had this scene.
  10. Same reason the Ram I had the 2 pdr, no tank mounting existed for the 6 pdr. Canada's waiting on the UK who say they are working on it but it's not materializing so they go ahead and design their own. Australia wants the 6 pdr in their tank so they ask Canada for drawings to see how they manged it.
  11. Yes they are nice stowage diagrams, I had paid to have two different 6 pdr mounting part lists scanned at the Aussie archives and they host everything like that after on their site which is nice. Bonus was the stowage stuff included in the papers. they are nice for layering as well to compare and get a idea on rough slope for the different sections (in front of driver and cupola)
  12. Well those french drawings show 1950 mm for what I assume is just the size of the cut opening on hull top. Canada had the M4's outside diameter of the turret ring as 2051 mm, the inside diameter of the ring is listed as 1752.6 mm. I can only assume that is being measured from before the ring is installed and then when the ring and all the mounting equipment is installed, it also may be factoring in that 65 mm extra for the bolt down area, but I'm unsure on that. I don't have many Sherman photos with the turret off showing the turret ring installed so using the Ram as an
  13. Dolye? or Spielberger or Jentz (all three?) I can't recall which book talk about the Panther's final drive trouble. Particularly on the Jagdpanther as it had more weight on the front and was dying even faster then the regular Panther. Something like 30-50km? before it gave up the ghost. Towards the end of the war they started to get the heavier duty final drives and transmission/gearboxes the 7-400? that they reported the life increasing to 400-500 km and had yet to have a failure at the point of the report. If I were a betting man I would say very little if any regular panthers en
  14. A nice write up on the 6 pdr APDS MK I shot design dated January 1945 https://imgur.com/a/zphKP9z
  15. A chance the guys in the workshop/field messed up as well and applied the kit to a tank that was not supposed to get it. Same reason some of the late turrets that had the weakspots fixed with thicker armour cast in the ended up having the extra armour welded to them anyways by mistake.
  16. The dedicated tower had no turret but they tested a regular tank and one with out the turret vs a few other vehicles. Both got up to 28 mph on the test track while towing. placing the Ram drawing over the M4, These are not to scale by any means, but it would be very interesting to find actual interior dimensions for both turrets to compare. One thing to note is how far in the actual gun mounting on the Ram is due to the interior mantlet design, if they had of gone with a new bolt on front plate with an exterior style mantlet you can see how much room it would have freed up, allowin
  17. As far as I know the intention to fit the US 75mm in the Ram existed from the start, but the numbers were not there to get any as the US was using them all early on. a 60 inch ring is more then ample enough considering the QF 75mm conversion that was later fitted. And used on the much smaller British turrets to boot. The soviets had asked for an example to be sent to them, but I have no idea how far that went. It would have been interesting if the soviets had of received them as I'm sure they would have up gunned them easily. The turret was designed with this in mind, the whole poi
  18. SD is probably? referring to SD technical, sections that covered a number of different things. Can't recall what it stands for or what each SD 1,2,3 and so on covered exactly. Like SD 8 also covered artillery reports
  19. I paid to have a copy made from the war museum in Ottawa. This was the April 1943 manual only covering the Ram II, an earlier 1942 one exists covering the Ram I + II as well but the museums copy was missing. I was hoping for details like in the US manuals where they go into greater detail like listing armour values as well but not such luck. At least the microfilms had those details, but it's always nice to have multiple primary sources backing details up. https://imgur.com/a/yymbLEh An example of a complete manual binder that sold a couple of years ago. They seem to pop up e
  20. T6 pilot yes. They kept using it as a test bed as the years went on. Note it has the early/first? one piece lower front casting as well at this point. The sexton pilot or not will be using whatever they had on hand that suited the conditions they wanted to test I suppose, just like the Ram or the M3 or M4. https://imgur.com/a/4Dty1l9 Track types and details from the Ram manual 1943 and Canadian tank data book 1944.
  21. Your correct that it's related to the Ram 3.7" Evolution of that. Designed but never built. 3.7" Assault SPG
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