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  1. Rheinmetall 10,5 cm https://fromtheswedisharchives.wordpress.com/2019/01/03/rheinmetall-105-cm-smoothbore-performance/
  2. oh, UTS(ultimate tensile strength) 850 MPa that's good enough. Is there any other information on the characteristics of this steel?
  3. Some types of steel are also poorly welded to each other. (HH/UHH steel maybe? this is one of the options). but most likely it really is not steel.
  4. perhaps the rails were only on early prototypes? Are you sure that these are non-metal elements?
  5. as far as I know, the MBT-80 should have a completely different form turret. But then again, as I understand it all applies to 1979-1980
  6. It is strange that the angles are + -25 °, although turret angles have +-30 °. Although perhaps this is due to fact that early data? And yet it is interesting whether CR 1 Mk.1 really had a weight 59.5 tons, and CR 1 Mk.2 already had 62 tons. Does anyone have more accurate data on this?
  7. Do they say this is the level of protection for frontal arc?
  8. thank) Does this mass include various external elements on the UFP? And LFP: also read about it, thought that maybe you know a little more about the materials.
  9. Hmm, this is interesting. Are there exact numbers on mass of UPF+LPF T-72A? Did you mention mild steel plates, is there any more accurate data? (Hardness or maybe steel grade or some other data?)
  10. Would like to clarify what specifically is included in this? Is it mass of whole UPF or only special armor?
  11. hardness is not the only parameter of steel. Moreover, at different angles there can be anisotropy of properties. Therefore, for an objective assessment, it is desirable to know as much information as possible. Americans for tests often use MIL-A-12560, MIL-A-11356(cast ), MIL-A-46100, MIL-A-46186, MIL-A-24286, MIL-A-46173, MIL-A-46099.
  12. Yet he has an equation for a steel-jacketed APDSFS. The question is how much they fit ... Links(site Willi Odermatt) to report(PDF): Minimum Impact Energy for KE-Penetrators in RHA-Targets European Forum on Ballistics and Projectiles, St. Louis (F), 2000 Perforation Equation for Jacketed Penetrators (with spread sheet) Although this once again proves that DM13 is a bad APDSFS
  13. at this distance(1250-1290 m) is DM13, according to the Lanz-Odermatt equation, penetration ~110-120 mm RHA at @70°.
  14. in theory, it gives almost as much steel as T-72B(1985-1989)
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