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  1. I agree, but not entirely. As you surely know, of the 3 Objekt-781 prototypes, one was different, and had a turret with similar armament to the BMP-3 (2A70+2A72+PKT). Still, this was rejected, and the twin 30mm turret version was selected for service in the army. Sadly I do not know why, but Im sure there were reasons for that. But all in all, both Objekt-781 versions were superior to UVZ's BMPT, especially in terms of firepower. My opinion, is that the whole point of such specialized vehicle is to be able to engage as many targets as possible in urban combat, and in a wide arc around it
  2. If they mount them with guide rails, then why not. Otherwise, its not a good idea. 2A72 is horribly inaccurate, except for single shots. Anyway, this whole vehicle is a mess. Maybe it has some limited uses in urban warfare, but in the environment shown in the video, it is far inferior to any normal tank. Whole vehicle is quite poorly designed. The old Objekt-781 prototypes were much better, but sadly, they were made by another design bureu, so UVZ couldnt say that "its our product". Even these prototypes were only useful in urban warfare, but in my opinion, they were perfectly suited for
  3. I guess it is nothing more than good old 3UBR6 APBC. Basically, .50 SLAP equivalent, it is so bad in terms of penetration.
  4. According to Al Masdar News, Erdogan's jihadist lapdogs suffered serious losses near Ain Issa. They are clearly going after capturing the town from SDF and SAA. Turkish drones also appeared to support the terrorists, fortunately SAA was able to shoot down one of them. https://www.almasdarnews.com/article/major-escalation-in-northern-syria-results-in-heavy-losses-for-turkish-backed-forces/
  5. Awesome, thanks! BTW, werent there any plans to use something bigger than a DSKM or NSVT? Maybe a ZPU-2, SPG-9, ZU-23?
  6. Please, tell me there will be some jihadmobiles with HMGs or SPG on their backs! A few of them at least!
  7. First test firing of hungarian Leopard-2A4. Now there is something interesting. They fired the guns with remote control, for "safety reasons" according to the video. (at 1:23) But why? Also it was mentioned that the tanks traveled to the firing range on public roads, this never happened here before. (usual stupid BS that steel tracks rip up the roads...)
  8. Yep, this was definitely a trap I fell into But the T-28 was just too attractive compared to the rest, so couldnt resist! Anyway, well deserved victory for N-L-M, his design is really brilliant, especially the armor upgrade! I had two problems with this competition: 1, that there were only 3 of us. It would have been good to see some T-26, Panzer II or french tank upgrades 2, now I want to buy Zvezda's new 1/35 T-28 model kit, and want to build both my design and the Carro Armato P.35/105
  9. I really like this BT-5 upgrade! Especially the new armor configuration! My only concern would be ergonomics. The original BTs were already cramped, I wonder how would the crew fit in there when the 75/76mm guns are mounted instead of 45mm.
  10. Ok, here is my T-28 upgrade. T-28/43 Mass: ~30 tons Crew: 4 Protection: (angles unchanged compared to original tank, except the side of driver's compartment) Lower front hull: 30+50mm Upper front hull: 30+50mm Sides: 20mm base, 30mm at driver's compartment, 20+10mm suspension area Top: 10-15mm Frontal part of turret: 30+50mm Rear part of turret: 30+30mm Top: 15mm Cupola: 100mm Main armament: 75mm Pak-97/38, 70 rounds (+optional racks on both sides of driver) Useable ammuni
  11. I think ordinary FAB. ODAB should produce a much bigger explosion. Also its very very far from carpet bombing, which requires big formations only seen in WW2 and Vietnam. Its just a salvo dropped from a single plane.
  12. Btw, wasnt there a case when a Metis-M penetrated the turret side? I may be wrong but I remember reading it somewhere...
  13. I thought about that for a bit... But in the end, I think it doesnt worth keeping them. Removal is a better solution, because you save lots of weight. Then you can bolt on additional armor, add extra ammo, create more space for crew. And as you can see on my drawing, the new armor plates in the place of mini turrets are angled very steeply, so viewed from the front, they provide lots of protection.
  14. While Im not an expert, but I think there would be some weight gain, thanks to heavily uparmored turret. But the hull on itself, despite thick add on armor would be probably indeed lighter. In any case, thats why I uprated the engine a bit
  15. I do not have much time for 3d modeling or professional image editing, so I made a rather primitive photoshopped line drawing So, my choice was the T-28, despite its limited availability. French stuff werent considered at all, they are hopeless junk. Panzer II is a nice tank with lots of good properties, but its crew compartment is too compact for a bigger gun. So only the soviet tanks left. Sadly both the BT-5 and T-26 are too lightly armored, and the BT is also too narrow inside thanks to christie suspension, so I chose the T-28. The first thing I did, is to get
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